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It’s Out

The Kindle edition of Home-Ec 101 is out!

I find it funny that I found this out from a friend. I had no clue the book would be live now.

Tonight, I received a Google Alert and it turns out, for that for a few minutes at least, my book was on a list on Alexa.


Sneak Peek

I called home from Nashville, yesterday. Apparently the FedEx truck had just left and delivered the book!

Tim opened it up and took a few pictures for me.  Here you go, I’m so very excited. It looks like the release date has been moved up to early March.

I have a nine hour drive ahead of me today, but I’m quite excited.

Menu Monday 10/4/2010

I’m moving my weekly menu from Home Ec 101 to here. It just feels more appropriate. Posting them helps keep me accountable. Bold items are recipes I hope to post on HE101.

Monday – Chicken soup for Tim and I, & dumplings for the kids, coleslaw

Tuesday – Tuna melts – in cabbage leaves for Tim and I- celery, carrots, broccoli + ranch

Wednesday – Beef stew with zucchini and pan roasted rutabaga –I also plan on retaking pics of the stew-

Thursday – Clean out refrigerator night

Friday – Salmon or steelhead trout with pecan crust, steamed vegetables (cheese sauce for the kids), sauteed cabbage

Saturday  – Pizza night. The kids miss it. (Pizza crust recipe, pizza sauce recipe)

Sunday – Roast chicken with chili honey glaze, Brussels sprouts, roast cauliflower

Do you menu plan? What’s on yours? Are you trying anything special this week?

Happy Independence Day


Now That the Kvetching is Out of the Way

Photo Credit: Rick Bucich

Photo Credit: Rick Bucich

I can note some of the good great things that happened last weekend.

contactsI am also learning that a pile of contact info is quite intimidating.

Healthy & Happy

Her boundaries are stretching every day. Her vocabulary is exploding and she’s racing to keep up with her brothers.





Catching perspective

The home I grew up in lies vacant. We are considering renovating, selling our current home, and living there for several years as a means to get a jump on retirement, college savings, and the purchase of several acres. In theory it’s a sound decision, but there are the demons of bad memories lurking in that neighborhood.
Things I did, things I said, and those done to me that cannot be taken back.
Will new flooring, fresh paint, and landscaping really help? My instincts say new memories will replace the old, but those first few weeks may be rough.
Today I walked down the street, and around a cul de sac I used to walk every day. Yes, the sidewalk has a few more cracks, but I don’t think time made the houses seem less imposing. I don’t feel as small as I used to, perhaps I’ve learned to stand a little straighter.
The shadows don’t seem as dark from up here.

Random Aside

A few moments ago I was flipping through a magazine lying about. The ad quoted a man described as a “legendary home fragrance expert.”

I don’t quite know why this tickles me to the core, but it does.

ConvergeSouth Decompression

The past few days have been great, on many levels. The break from my usual routine was needed. While I have geektastic friends in the Lowcountry blogosphere it was very freeing to spend four days submerged in an orgy of geek.

While most of my family will simply read this and say “Who?” I must brag that I had dinner with Robert Scoble twice. Thursday night, at a small Italian restaurant where I ordered poorly. I thought the menu said Chicken Parmesan, but when it arrived it was actually Chicken Parmebland, my mistake. (Yes, this is exactly why we’re having chicken parmesan tonight). Saturday night was sushi, gorgeous, tasty sushi. I regret not bringing my camera as it was a foodie’s dream.

I’m still processing the weekend, visiting new sites, confirming new connections, and catching up on work. It may be a day or two before I find all the pictures I want to share and link to all the great people I met.