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Someone Has a Sense of Humor

I belong to a women’s group and at the close of each gathering there is an opportunity to state any prayer requests. The usual issues are brought up, someone is sick, somone needs clarity in a decision. In November of ’06 I requested that they pray that I might have more patience another child later, it dawned on me exactly what patience is and is not.

More recently, during my husband’s outage early in November I requested rest, a respite for our family as we had been busy and I was tired.

Were you aware that like chickenpox, mono can recur? Yep, if you’re one of the lucky few, it seems a virus or simply being rundown can bring it on.

Remember Waynes World?

I once thought I had mono for an entire year. It turns out I was just really bored.

It was something like that, but in reverse. I’d start to get the kids ready to leave the house and two hours later I’d give up in disgust. I thought I was struggling with depression or just turning incredibly lazy.

For a little while life was cut down to the musts: children must be fed 3x a day, they must be bathed, and that was just about it.

Today I’ll be heading back to the gym for the first time in well over a month.


Catching perspective

The home I grew up in lies vacant. We are considering renovating, selling our current home, and living there for several years as a means to get a jump on retirement, college savings, and the purchase of several acres. In theory it’s a sound decision, but there are the demons of bad memories lurking in that neighborhood.
Things I did, things I said, and those done to me that cannot be taken back.
Will new flooring, fresh paint, and landscaping really help? My instincts say new memories will replace the old, but those first few weeks may be rough.
Today I walked down the street, and around a cul de sac I used to walk every day. Yes, the sidewalk has a few more cracks, but I don’t think time made the houses seem less imposing. I don’t feel as small as I used to, perhaps I’ve learned to stand a little straighter.
The shadows don’t seem as dark from up here.