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You Too Can Haiku

Just remember it’s 5, 7, 5. It’s supposed to be about nature, but I find it fun to be spontaneous.

This evening’s muse? 


Children are running
Baby squeals, boys are shrieking
Head pounds, Tylenol.

Eye twitches, nerves frayed.
Dogs are pacing, children scream.
Glass of wine for me?

Not hungry, too full
Eat two bites, this is dinner
Bed time, I am hungry!

To Sleep Perchance to Breathe

I’ve dealt with typical hay fever my whole life.  Occasionally I’d wheeze, but I never really ventured into full blown asthma territory.

For an unknown reason I broke out in hives on Thursday. I had meetings and music lessons and too much life happening to do anything but wander through the day in a benadryl haze and hope things got better. They didn’t.

It’s never a good thing when someone winces as you remove an article of clothing.

It’s also probably not good when you don’t ask what shot is being administered.

I was also prescribed something along the lines of Benadryl on Steroids. The label on the bottle doesn’t mince words DO NOT DO ANYTHING DANGEROUS while on this medication. For some reason this tickles me as I zombie my way through the day.

The one thing my doctor and I agree on is that we don’t know what caused the problem in the first place. It could be viral, could have been something environmental, and I hope it’s not due to stress. I’ve been in more stressful situations in the past with no extreme reactions. I know I’m a little neurotic, but I don’t think I’ve ever caused a full body meltdown.

Disappointment Is Sticky Sweet

I lurk frequenty on FriendFeed, a nifty social media site. As with most areas of my life the conversation frequently turns to food. For the last two or three weeks I had seen references to Starbuck’s salted caramel hot chocolate. The name caught my imagination and curiosity. 

The drink I envisioned would be hot, topped with real whipped cream and just a drizzling of caramel. The whipped cream would slowly melt into a chocolatey, caramely concoction with a lingering tingle of salt.

I keep an emergency gift card in the car and during yesterday’s chilly afternoon I had a moment to stop at Starbucks, alone. There would be no demands to share. This was a stolen treat for a solitary drive. 

The young lady in the drive through praised my choice, causing my excitement to rise. As I took the cup, I was practically giddy. I pulled away from the drive through and took my first sip. It was thick and sticky, syrupy sugar coating my tongue. I suppose some things are better left to the imagination.

At least I was able to enjoy my drive in silence.

Weather Shout from the Corner

I’m just playing along with Pensieve this fine November morning.

The air is crisp and cool, my breath plumes as timid dog paws pick their way around frost dusted leaves. The sky is no longer the brilliant blue of summer, but promising rays of sun still keep Old Man Winter at arm’s length.

Random Aside

A few moments ago I was flipping through a magazine lying about. The ad quoted a man described as a “legendary home fragrance expert.”

I don’t quite know why this tickles me to the core, but it does.