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Out of the mouths of babes

Aidan was pestering my stepdaughter incessantly. After a lot of jabber on his part one particular exchange left me nearly in tears with laughter.

A: Does Jesus live in your heart?

M: mmhmm

A: Well, how’s he doing?

Hospital visit

I don’t exactly like touring the labor and delivery ward at 32 weeks.  I had been hoping the midwife would pat me on the head and send me home with a lecture to rest.   Instead I was sent to Trident for some testing, fluids (they pushed them so hard my fingers are swollen), and some medication to stop contractions.

In your teens, did you ever drink as much coffee as you could, just to see what it felt like? That’s what these shots do, but they stop contractions and I’ll take that over a preemie.

I’m under orders to rest and not pick up my toddler if I can help it.  Friends and ladies from church are taking these orders quite seriously and pitching in to make sure I can live up to the resting part while Tim is at work.   I’m very, very grateful.

5 more weeks to cook and I will happily welcome the arrival, now let’s just make it there.

Sad days in Charleston

I love my hometown and it hurts my heart to see her shaken with grief.  She’s an old soul though and has weathered many tragedies, wars, earthquakes, fires, and hurricanes.  Her citizens will once again come together and carry each other through this troubled time.


Not me… oh no, it’s Tim.

He’s building shelves and caulking the shower.   I would like to think it has nothing to do with Blizzard taking down the realms of World of Warcraft for a patch.

General slackitude

Maybe it’s just the summer sloth setting in or it could be that writing for Home Ec 101 and Lowcountry Blogs is sapping most of my energy.

It also could be that we haven’t done much of interest over the past few weeks.  There is only so much I can write about the rug monkeys without feeling as though I, too, will keel over with boredom.

I want to know who decided it would be a good idea to let Mark try coffee?  I don’t know who gave him his first sip, but now each morning I have the treat of ear rupturing shrieks for “COPPEE!!”  until I relent and let him have a sip. It’s not sweet, it’s just your basic coffee with milk.

I’m on a mission to break this waking at the crack of dawn habit they’ve developed.  We slipped up a few weeks ago and let bedtime slide a little late a few nights in a row.  Since then, 5:30 rolls around and their eyes pop open.  I’m usually awake, but that is my writing time and having a toddler climbing on your head, shrieking “COPPEE!” isn’t exactly conducive to creativity.  I’m moving bedtime earlier by 15 minutes each night and reducing naptimes until we fix the problem.

Baby countdown: 7 or 8 weeks if my track record holds true.

Highlight for today:  We’re going swimming

House update: We’re considering cork flooring for the master bedroom.  Has anyone tried it?  It installs like hardwood, but may be more environmentally friendly.


I’m very sad that Brittney resigned from NiT, although I can understand why it would wear on her.

I’ll be 30 weeks pregnant tomorrow.  Strange to think that there will soon be another person in our house.

Some have said I look 18 in this picture.  I don’t see it, but I will certainly take looking young over being young.

My stepdaughter will be here in a little over a week.  This will be fun, hormonal step-mom plus pre-teen hormones.  How long before someone cries?  Maybe we should set up a pool.

It’s hot.  No, really hot.

Something ate my dove’s eggs.  For the past couple weeks I’ve had a dove nesting on my back porch.  This morning I went to check on her and everything was gone.  Such is nature, I guess.

Aidan is reading, but won’t let us in on what he knows.  If we ask him to demonstrate he clams up and acts weird.  Randomly though, he’ll shout out words either from the page I’m looking at, a sign, or he’ll spell something. He’s also in this interesting stage of figuring out what every word starts with.  His writing and drawing is improving in leaps and bounds.  He’s gone from not wanting to do anything to writing letters and numbers.  His goal seems to be learning to write our phone number.  Thankfully it’ll be a long, long time before he visits any public restrooms alone.  He’ll be four in September.

Mark, well, Mark is well on his way to being two.  He’s perfected the tantrum but balances it out with episodes of pure sweetness and light.  Occasionally he belts out a perfectly articulated sentence and then won’t say another word for a day or so.

It’s a strange house in which we live.

Tech Question: Domain Registration

I have a friend whose domain, previously held by her site administrator was recently purchased just before she went to renew.  Using whois.net we are able to see it is held by a company called enom.   Is there any way to find further information on the party holding the name? My gut says it’s the former administrator, but I could be wrong.

Vent: The new mom shower myth

I am so sick of the new moms “can’t get a shower” whining.

Take the baby in the shower with you, if you think the rugmonkey can’t survive a 3 minute bootcamp style shower.

I became a master at showering one handed with my colicky son.  My husband worked 12-14 hour days and you do what you need to.  I could shampoo and condition without getting it in his eyes.  Drying off was the tricky part, but sometimes a couple extra towels were used as a makeshift pallet so I could throw on something clean. No, it’s not the same as a good scrub down and shave, but at least I wasn’t scaring the neighbors.

Need it.

I don’t just want this.  I need it for the nerdling-to-be.
192672594_87c0d1f7c7_o.jpgNot my kid, I found this randomly goofing around.

Weird dreams

It’s a proven fact that hormones cause strange dreams.  I’ve been having crazy adventures each and every night.   Yesterday takes the cake though with running from part-time, Wisconsin, government zombies.  I wish I was making it up, but I only had to run from them until 6pm and then magically they were back to “normal.”