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Only One Thing Could Make Her Cuter

and that would be if these weren’t taken at 5:30am.




Early Morning

I love it when nature obliges and a morning is dreary enough for my children to believe me when I say, “It’s too early, go back to sleep.”

Hatchery Photo Shoot

The lake is astoundingly low.




Thankful Thursday 2/21

At this very moment, these are the things I’m thankful for.

  • Health.
  • Friends who get excited about the same things as me – Jared, Eugene, and Jason
  • Authors who can take me so far from here and now. Charles de Lint, Robin McKinley, and Terry Pratchett
  • Tulip trees in bloom.
  • A little boy, who experiences a brief, first taste of freedom outside alone and brings in a handful of “pretty flowers” for me.
  • The companionship of this coming summer.


Hopefully this will be the last of my navel gazing posts; although at this point it is an interesting blend of deep blues fading to green and sickly yellow.

Last night I was lying in bed attempting to fall asleep. Notice I said attempting to fall asleep, as in I did not crash into bed exhausted. I have not had an evening where I was wide awake an energized in a very long time.  I suspect it may have even been before becoming pregnant with Mark. That is a long, long time to be tired.   I haven’t always had bone deep exhaustion, there have been brief periods of respite, but they have been short in duration over the past two years.

As I thought about the book I had been reading I was struck with the realization that my thoughts were clearer and sharper than they have been in a long time.  Have you ever cleaned a long neglected windshield and been amazed with the renewed clarity?  This was internal, but no less striking.  I am amazed and very, very thankful.

Amusing Anecdotes from Pre-Op

I understand the purpose of the questions, but seriously folks, these border on the ridiculous and when you ask me a series of crazy questions, eventually my self control will wear out and you will receive some ridiculous answers.

Have you fallen in the last month?

– Do you mean a significant fall, because I’m always tripping over my own feet?

Have you broken your pelvis in the last month?

– Oh gee, now that you mention it. . .

Is someone trying to control you.

– My son, but he’s two, he tries to control everyone.

Has someone threatened you?

– My son said he was going to throw fireballs at me after I sent him to his room.

They probably weren’t as amused as my mom and I were.

Home and Well

Things went great.  The only part that truly hurt was hearing the bill.  However, feeling better will be worth it.  I’m too tired for a healthcare rant.

I loved my nurse today.  Even if she insisted I was too young to have kids.

The last six weeks were aggravating, being told that things looked alright by the test results, but still having symptoms.  The surgeon told my mom that it very scarred, so all the pain and symptoms were definitely not all in my head (as I began to worry after hearing the drumroll before the total).

Checking the List

Found a sitter? Yes, two

Have a ride? Yes

Food for the family? Taken care of

I guess I’m ready.  Do not get worried if I don’t check in on Wednesday or Thursday.  There, look at my ego grow, assuming those of you who wander by are that invested in my well being.  There is an Invader Zim cartoon where Zim says “More organs means more human.”  I suppose by Wednesday afternoon, I’ll be a little less human.

Wait, I just thought of something.  I am completely out of books; this will not do.  No, not at all.  Am I the only one who is embarrassed to go back to the library after amassing a fee?  As if somehow I am unworthy to return to the library for misplacing a book for a week.  It’s probably a symptom of my own twisted neurosis, but I build all of these little incidents into these overwhelming tasks and put them off.  Eventually when I get around to finding the courage, time, and energy I wonder how I could have built it into such an overwhelming task.

I hope my fear of interviewing is like this.  I sent out a press release to the local morning shows.  Maybe something will come of it, maybe nothing will.  It’d be nice if we could promote Home Ec in that manner.

Heather Has a Big Head

I’m not even referring to my new haircut.



Thank you Dan, Ivy and I really appreciate the piece.  You did a great job of making it look as though we know what we are talking about.

Thankful Thursday

In case anyone is unaware of the flurry of recent activity, I’m attempting to get back into the routine of writing here first. It’s an exercise that needs to be done and like returning to the gym after a break things are a little stiff and forced. Time and focus will loosen up the brevity that has been my rule at Lowcountry Blogs.

To encourage myself, there may be a few memes. As cornball as it may sound, I do enjoy Thankful Thursday as it forces me to look beyond the petty irritations.  As an American I am incredibly soft and spoiled.

With absolutely no respect for magnitude, ten things I am thankful for this very moment:

  • Coffee lightened with milk and sprinkled with cinnamon.
  • My two year old who tells people he is “One and one.” He has been listening in on the four year old’s math lesson.
  • adwea.jpgThe basset hound warming my feet.
  • Baby hugs, squeals, coos, and grins.
  • Ivy, Margo, Lori and all the others who listen to me so I don’t drive my husband crazy.
  • My husband.
  • Early mornings when the entire family is asleep.
  • Movies we can watch together that we haven’t seen 52 times.
  • Piglet, my four year old’s imaginary pet who lives a varied and amazing life.
  • Patience. Even if I don’t feel it, I’ve been given at least a handful along the way.

For non-family members this is a 90second example of my four year old’s violin playing. I am proud of his progress, but before you click, be aware that this is a four year old on a very cheap instrument. You have been warned. As far as family goes, you are fully expected to click, endure, and be proud.