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Thankful Thursday

  • I made the deadline with the book. I’m a 1/3rd of the way through and just shy of half of the expected word count. This was a huge one, if I hadn’t met it, I would have been in violation of my contract.
  • My editor is a joy to work with.
  • The final manuscript deadline is in four months. There is an end in sight.
  • There were no major mishaps during yesterday’s segment on Lowcountry Live. If you don’t know Jennet Alterman, the Executive Director of the Center for Women, you should.
  • The kids are all healthy.
  • I have today to pull the house back into order. I wonder what that says about me.

Thankful Thursday

In case anyone is unaware of the flurry of recent activity, I’m attempting to get back into the routine of writing here first. It’s an exercise that needs to be done and like returning to the gym after a break things are a little stiff and forced. Time and focus will loosen up the brevity that has been my rule at Lowcountry Blogs.

To encourage myself, there may be a few memes. As cornball as it may sound, I do enjoy Thankful Thursday as it forces me to look beyond the petty irritations.  As an American I am incredibly soft and spoiled.

With absolutely no respect for magnitude, ten things I am thankful for this very moment:

  • Coffee lightened with milk and sprinkled with cinnamon.
  • My two year old who tells people he is “One and one.” He has been listening in on the four year old’s math lesson.
  • adwea.jpgThe basset hound warming my feet.
  • Baby hugs, squeals, coos, and grins.
  • Ivy, Margo, Lori and all the others who listen to me so I don’t drive my husband crazy.
  • My husband.
  • Early mornings when the entire family is asleep.
  • Movies we can watch together that we haven’t seen 52 times.
  • Piglet, my four year old’s imaginary pet who lives a varied and amazing life.
  • Patience. Even if I don’t feel it, I’ve been given at least a handful along the way.

For non-family members this is a 90second example of my four year old’s violin playing. I am proud of his progress, but before you click, be aware that this is a four year old on a very cheap instrument. You have been warned. As far as family goes, you are fully expected to click, endure, and be proud.


Thankful Thursday 4/19

As I work on getting myself out of the rut I have carved for myself, I need to refocus on the positive.

Today I am thankful for:

  • Internal nudges, bumps, and kicks that constantly bring reassurance.
  • For a husband who is willing to accompany me to events in which he has little interest, so that I can relax the “mom” vigilance a little and speak to other adults.
  • For cookouts on the lake.
  • For the sunset on Lake Moultrie last night.  The sky was a canvas and the fiery ball of the sun melted into the water.  I love the look of the world cast in the last rays of light.
  • For sunrise and exuberant birdsong, each day they remind me life goes on.
  • For my mother, I think we stand in a place where our relationship may finally bridge the divide.
  • For my boys who can occasionally make me laugh, even when I’m so frustrated I can’t see striaght.

I’d asked my three year old to put away a bag of diapers.  He claimed to be unable to find them, in response I snapped, “Use your eyes!”  he got down on all fours and pushed the package into my room with his face.  “You can carry that with your hands.”

“No Mama, I’m using my eyes.”  I can’t help but chuckle.

  • For friends who listen when I most need an ear.

Thank you, I’ve needed every bit of this.