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Hey Look

I’m not hideous after all.*


*Dear Mom and all others concerned about my self-esteem.  I really don’t think I’m hideous, it’s just a rare day I can get a decent picture of myself, when I’m trying to show someone something.  In this case I was trying to show my hair.  I just happened to notice I look a lot healthier since my surgery.

Product Rave: Zosephine Diaper Bags


I don’t do this often, but I was contacted to review these fab diaper bags.   Of course, they wanted the review done over at Home Ec 101.  So, why am I reviewing it at Moncks Corner Moments? Because I couldn’t stand to give up the bag in a giveaway.  Seriously, most of y’all know me and the sad, faded black bag I have been lugging around for four and a half years.  Pathetic, I know.  I never found a bag that I could justify buying.  Then again, I hadn’t seen these bags by Zosephine.

They are cute but not cutesie, trendy but not of the over the top I must replace it in six months variety.  The bag is sturdy, the seams are strong with tight even stitching.  The inside is vinyl, because we all know a sippie cup or worse are going to leak, at least once.

bag2.jpgThe internal compartments are well designed.  There are places for sippies or bottles at either end and a zippered pocket for breast pads or sanitary pockets, so they don’t fall out on the floor the first time a sibling rifles through it.

bag3.jpgAdditionally, I have been searching for a laptop bag.  It’s a perfect fit for my 15.4″ widescreen.  Sweet.

*Completely unrelated side note:  Ellie is chewing on my computer as I type.  I wonder how many of her peers will say they cut their teeth on a laptop?

Car Nuts

Tim and I are admittedly odd.  Neither of will ever admit a lack of knowledge to the other, if there is any chance for it appear as a weakness. This means, I allow myself to ask about things in the steel industry and he feels free to ask questions concerning all things Internet.  He is a gamer and doesn’t spend much time on any site that isn’t focused on obliterating billions of ones and zeros over and over.

That said, neither of us know much about older cars.  Anything pre-1965 and we are admittedly clueless. The other day we together and we passed a lovingly restored car from the fifties.  I noted it and asked what kind it was.  He replied, “I honestly have no idea, you could call it a Packard Bell and I’d believe you.”

Now, for us, all old cars have been dubbed Packard Bells.

A Touch of the Mommy Blogging

I have kids, so I shouldn’t worry about that, but I do. With three kids under five I suppose my life will be pretty kid centered, after all babysitters are spendy and the park is my current domain.

That said, I screwed up.  Bigtime.  I loosened my rule on the two year old not having Red Dye #40.  I figured, what the heck, it’s Easter, I’ll deal with it.   He had the candy on Saturday.  For the past two days it’s been nothing but the full on, throwing himself to the floor, spitting, screaming bloody murder tantrums.  When he’s not doing that he’s Mr. Moodswing chattering up a storm one second and sullen the next.  Some would chalk it up to the terrible twos, but there is a big difference in his behavior.

Lesson learned.  Who wants to babysit?

Gratuitous Baby Shot

lkjuhb.jpg Because I must.

Have I

camellia1.jpg Have I ever mentioned just how much I love Spring in the Lowcountry?


Playing tourist with children in tow is exhausting.  I have lots of pictures to upload.  I miss playing with my camera and need to get back into the habit of carrying it with me.  I suppose once everyone is self-propelled the idea of camera lugging won’t be so prohibitive.

One of the Latest Projects I am Helping With

Exciting stuff!

Registration is now live for April 19th’s CreateSouth New Media Conference.

Dave Slusher writes:

If you are a professional journalist or a politician or a pastor or a musician and want to learn how to make new media work in your career, this is for you. If you have wanted to blog or podcast or videoblog but aren’t sure where to start, this is for you. The goal of this conference is to get the newbies and the wizards together in the same room, talking and hanging out and sharing meals. Our focus is hands on demonstration and we are assembling the program right now to reflect that. The idea of the conference is that if there is some project you want to do but haven’t tackled because the learning curve is too high, you should walk out of the conference knowing where to start and maybe with an email address or three of people that can help you if you get into trouble.

I’m very excited to be a part of this.  The family and I will be making a weekend out of the conference.  If you consider doing the same, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help you find accommodations.

I’ll Update Soon

I just wanted to post and let everyone know we are OK and did not suffer any damage in last night’s storm.