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Google Reader Users

Don’t like the way the new page looks.  Hit “u”

Isn’t that better?

I found it while reading the FAQs trying to find the friggin’ add subscription button they decided would be cute to hide.

A favor

If you are the praying type, please keep Mr. Ivy in them today.  For the nonprayers, general good thoughts are being accepted, too.

Hang in there Ivy, it’ll be over before you know it.

Something I’ll never get

The husband has recorded a new greeting on our answering machine and sounds like a Yooper.

He also shaved his head.

He did bring home a bottle of wine and some dark chocolate, so I really can’t hold the first two against him.I think it’s high time we got out more, but not until the hair grows back.


The season of contagion has descended upon us once again.

Wash. your. hands.

Because there are never enough discussions of bodily fluids

Although I may jinx everything entirely, Mark seems to be getting the hang of this potty training business. I just have to threaten him with a diaper and he runs to try.  So, don’t be surprised if you stop by for a chat and there’s a half naked monkey running around.  He doesn’t mind a bit and will probably demonstrate his newfound knowledge of anatomy.

If you don’t like it, you can do the laundry.

Seasonal shift

Fall creeps slowly here, as a child I was baffled by books that illustrated September as a time for long sleeves and falling leaves.
As an adult in the Lowcountry, I recognize the change as a shift in light.   Late in August the light shifts to a golden glow.  Though we still bake in the summer’s residual heat, the tide has turned and it is a long, slow slide toward winter.
The thermometer still says summer, but my heart has turned to fall and all that goes with it.

Google Reader

Is anyone else annoyed with the new layout?  I have about 230 feeds to keep track of, I keep them in 3 categories.

I find the new organization clumsy.

However, I am in love with the search feature, it is incredibly handy for rounding up the Lowcountry blogs.

Another week, another birthday

Early fall is a busy time for us.

Aidan I am so very proud of you and of the man you’ll be.  While we do butt heads, we’re a lot alike and I am amazed at the glimmers of maturity you already show.  Don’t be in as big a hurry as I was, you’ll have ages to be an adult.

Happy Birthday little man.



Rattle rattle crash boom bang

My car is dying.  It has well over one hundred fifty thousand miles on it, but it’s still depressing.  It’s not a two hundred dollar rattle I’m hearing, it’s a four thousand dollar engine knock.

I had to pull over six times on the way home from my mom’s yesterday.

We’re going to replace the engine, the rest of the car is fine and it’s the most cost effective choice.  I would love to have something more gas efficient, but with three car seats for the next however many years, it’s not in the cars.  I swear they are going to keep kids in car seats until they can get their permits.  What a pain in the butt.

On a very good note, I found my wedding ring.  It had been missing for about six months after a certain grubby child swiped it off the bathroom counter while I was in the shower.  Said child must have crawled into my bed to play with it where it fell behind the mattresses and into the crevice between the carpet and the wall.

Errata and allergies


Unlike certain other children I might mention, Ellie occasionally lets me sleep for more than an hour at a time.  Last night I got, count them four consecutive hours of sleep.

I also found the source of my recent severe allergies, even with medication they’ve been worsening.  I recently started wheezing even on benadryl and a nasal steroid. I’ve blackened my eyes rubbing them in my sleep.  Months ago I reorganized our room and had the bright idea to place a bookshelf in the corner.  I didn’t think it having it over the AC vent would matter as there were several inches of clearance.  Last night as I was vacuuming I decided to be thorough and move the shelf.

Well, it mattered.

Apparently the cold air caused condensation on the carpet and I accidentally encouraged a mold farm in the room where I spend the most time.  Each time the air conditioner kicked on, I was showered in spores of the one thing I’m most allergic to.

No wonder I’ve been sick so often.  Thankfully we ordered the hardwood for our bedroom two months ago.  We’ll Tim will be pulling the carpet and we’ll live with just the subfloor until it arrives in October. This will give us a chance to make sure it was only in the carpet and padding, so we can seal it if necessary.

Does anyone know if those duct cleaning services are worthwhile?  I turned off the AC yesterday, but I might want to have them cleaned out before the heat is turned on in a few months.