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I Found Them!

wedding.jpgI meant to post these pictures back on Nov 21, but they are buried somewhere in the oblivion of back-up discs.

Tim and I were married Nov 21 of 2001, but didn’t have our wedding until Aug 25 ’02.


Seasonal shift

Fall creeps slowly here, as a child I was baffled by books that illustrated September as a time for long sleeves and falling leaves.
As an adult in the Lowcountry, I recognize the change as a shift in light.   Late in August the light shifts to a golden glow.  Though we still bake in the summer’s residual heat, the tide has turned and it is a long, slow slide toward winter.
The thermometer still says summer, but my heart has turned to fall and all that goes with it.

DIY 101

I was reading a post over at Musings of a Housewife and was reminded of the first home improvement project I undertook alone.  The wax seal on the toilet was leaking.  I did my research and knew it was a simple fix, so I prepped everything and then called a friend to lift the john itself from the floor.  We were doing this project late in the evening, in an interior bathroom.

The second my friend lifted the commode from the floor the room went black.  A quick check of the breakers revealed nothing, so we ventured outside and the entire neighborhood was dark.

“Wow, Frank*, you’re the worst plumber ever.”

*Not his real name.