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I Found Them!

wedding.jpgI meant to post these pictures back on Nov 21, but they are buried somewhere in the oblivion of back-up discs.

Tim and I were married Nov 21 of 2001, but didn’t have our wedding until Aug 25 ’02.


Woefully behind

Even though I’ve hardly left the couch the past few weeks, I’ve managed to become behind in almost every venture.  I’m not even counting housework, as my doctor said, “I don’t care if it collapses, ignore it.”

Tuesday the restrictions are lifted and I can herd the dustbunnies, negotiate a truce with the laundry, and wipe out anything that may be growing in the bathrooms.  It’s probably telling that these things weigh so heavily on my mind.

It won’t be long.

Last night I skirted doctor’s orders and headed down to the beach with Margo for some pictures.  I didn’t want to miss what will be my last opportunity for maternity pictures.  It’s a closing chapter in my life, bittersweet with relief and very little regret.

These two are my favorites, but check out her post for more.


Summer arrival


banana popsicles

sweaty children

sticky hands



I have loads more, but these are some of my favorites. My laptop should be arriving sometime this week, so I’ll be able to sit down and really tweak them. These are raw, except for resizing.

Merry Christmas