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Friday’s Violin Recital

Aidan has been working hard on Frere Jacque. We threw him for a loop when we finally found a 1/4 size violin for a good price. He loves the new violin, but is still getting used to the size difference.


Some would say we are slow. We’re going to go with efficient. The Solos kids have been baptized. Tim and I are breathing a great, big sigh of relief.




Coming to a Crossroad

I can see down the road just a little ways and sure enough it forks. 

I think what it boils down to is that I miss blogging for myself.

Meet Up, Tweet Up, Happy Birthday Chuck

Last month Chuck posted a wish on his blog. It was only a simple wish, just to celebrate his 70th birthday in a special way. I am so grateful to be part of a group of people willing to make those little moments in life so special.
Thank you Heidi for coordinating last night’s meet up and thank you to everyone who came.