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Social Media Club Charleston

Is there anything more embarrassing than sitting while someone reads your bio out to an audience? Squirm, squirm, squirm. Half-hearted smile, small wave. Torture.

n29165477916_4191That said, I was very happy with the turnout for last night’s first breakout event. Social Media Club Charleston is very new and fairly informal. We have a goal of a speaker or panel once a quarter with social gatherings in between. In the near future I’ll create a calendar and blog at www.SMCCharleston.org to share events and commentary from events. This will be in addition to the Facebook Group.

It was so nice to see new faces. Granted, I love all of the usual suspects, but I don’t want to have a clique. The point of this group is to be inclusive and I hope those who came out felt welcome.

Sometimes I wish more of my time could be spent immersed in geektalk and company.

GeektalkLast night’s four panelists: Dan Conover, Janet Edens, Andy Owens, and Ken Hawkins shared perspectives on the changing landscape of media. Each of the panelists had worked (or currently works) for the Post and Courier. Ken Hawkins left to create and launch The Digitel, which is doing well for the work of a naive dreamer [tic].  Andy Owens now works for the Charleston Regional Business Journal and covered his experience working for a smaller company with less overhead. Janet Edens still works for the P&C and has a unique perspective as the paper struggles to remain viable. Conover took a buyout last summer and covered a transition from traditional newspaper employee to a freelancer utilizing new media to secure income.

It’s exciting talk, as no one knows exactly where media will end up. While the outcome is still hazy, that doesn’t mean we can’t use current events like the Iran election to discern the course and discuss potential advantages and deficiencies. There’s an interesting mix of hope, trepidition, and enough big words to help me remember that my world isn’t only comprised of the kids.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting: Joey Benton, Christopher Donahue, Joel Green (and the two guys with Joel Green whose names have completely slipped my mind), Noah Everett, and of course Michael Carnell.

It was also nice to see people I haven’t seen in a while like Francis Shepherd and Simon Ashton.

Social Media CertificationHead over to Xark where you too can be a certified social media expert.

Many thanks to Jeff Webster, Nick Tompkins, Lynn Mettler, Chad Norman, and Jared Smith who helped pull this together.

Meet Up, Tweet Up, Happy Birthday Chuck

Last month Chuck posted a wish on his blog. It was only a simple wish, just to celebrate his 70th birthday in a special way. I am so grateful to be part of a group of people willing to make those little moments in life so special.
Thank you Heidi for coordinating last night’s meet up and thank you to everyone who came.

Thinking over CREATE South

Whether it’s a simple blogger meet up over a burger and a meal or a conference, I always have high hopes of coming home and shutting myself away for a few moments to explain the impact these moments have on my life. The funny thing is, that those moments are all I get. I’m in the middle of the busy years and someday I may be able to recap things, but right now to steal any more time away has a cost I’m not willing to pay. At this moment I have a few moments before the Benadryl kicks in (thank you springtime) and the kids are in bed. These years are finite and I’m aware that I should be greatful for the the freedoms I do have. As an introvert, these events are fulfilling, but exhausting. As a parent, I’m required to play an extrovert, even on those days I have the urge to spend tucked away in solitude.

I want to explain why I love hanging out with Tee Morris, but really all I’ll be able to say is a total fangirl “SQUEE!” Today I met authors and got a realistic look into what to expect if I ever go forward with my hopes of being published. I don’t have aspirations of being famous, but I would like to be validated. I met a lady whose books I will buy the next time I can justify a splurge at Barnes and Noble or on Amazon. I think I have a new author, Tiffany Trent, I can share with my stepdauther 

Today, I spent time in geek heaven. There was talk of memes, cultural revolutions, trending, early adopters, and social media douchebags: all of these are key words, words that let me know I don’t have to explain every obscure reference that may come out of  my mouth. I was able to get excited and talk about things that matter to me, transparency, online presence, honesty and authority and no one gave a verbal headpat.

I’m greedy because I want more. 

I hope what I take from today is the encouragement that comes from mingling with peers and use it to define and make progress toward a goal, whatever it is.

Before I turn in, I want to thank all of those who took the time to drive up to Myrtle Beach to be a part of CREATE South, but I would especially like to thank Greg Pittman, Chris Gallagher, Dan Tennant, Jared Smith, Chuck Boyd, and Raymond Owens for participating in the Community track of the conference.

LCB & T Meet up at the Glass Onion

I’m sorry Hominy Grill, but I think I may have found a new favorite shrimp and grits. To. die. for.

Many thanks go out to the fine staff at the Glass Onion for accomodating the Lowcountry Bloggers and Tweeters.


Dan, Terry

Jared, Heidi, Kathy

Jared, Heidi, Kath


Cheryl, Canaan

Jared, Ian, Terry, Dan, Don

Jared, Ian, Terry, Dan, Don

George, Terry, Ian

George, Terry, Ian

The star of the evening: Shrimp and grits

The star of the evening: Shrimp and grits

I do leave the house

And occasionally I can be seen without pajamas.



The second photo was unapologetically stolen from Janet.

Does anyone else feel as though they are drowning in obligations, but still seem to only be running in place?

Greetings from Nashville

I’ve had a blast on this trip.  It’s been fun to visit with those I am close to, when our day to day lives have so much distance between us.

  • I finally got to meet Newscoma and I look forward to speaking with her in the future when my rugrats are not dominating the scene.
  • I have learned it just isn’t a trip until someone spews.  This year it is Mark.
  • I am critically behind in e-mail, but I’ve decided to just let that go until Wednesday.
  • I am dreading today’s five hour drive, but it could be ten.  Thank you Carye!
  • The kids are clingy.
  • I’m aggravated.
  • It is all worth it.


I have got to change something before I lose what little is left of my mind.  I’ve left the house exactly twice in the last two weeks without children in tow.  Prior to that was Margo and I’s quick trip to Strawberry Chapel.  Yes, that’s it.  I haven’t even been able to escape to the grocery store alone and well, that’s just sad.

I need some time out and alone before I end up on the news.  A couple hours away from Mr. I’m Cutting Four Teeth Just as I Decide to Establish My Independent Nature would probably do a world of good.  When I’m worn out from the boys’ antics my tendency is to close rank and not leave the house with them, so aside from errands for absolute necessities, none of us have left the house in the past week.

I’m looking forward to Sunday evening, but I think something else needs to open up, fast.

I’m also out of books, so we’re reaching critical mass here folks, critical mass.

Ignore any news blurbs about crazy women in Moncks Corner, it simply wasn’t me.

December Blogger Meet Up

Well, I attempted to cajole Geoff into arranging a blogger get together in October, but he has officially dropped the ball.

That is OK.

I was wondering if anyone would be up for meeting for Happy Hour next week? I’m open any night but Wednesday and would love to meet somewhere like the Dog and Duck in Mt. P?

Absolutely nothing formal, just a drop in if you can make it type meet-up.


They have good bar food.

I am completely open to other suggestions.