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A Little Nursery Rhyme

The two year old would like to share.


LCB and Me

I will update and I will explain more thoroughly.  For the moment though, I’m taking a break and enjoying some days where every single moment isn’t spent online.


I let my prescription for migraines run out, bad move on my part.  Yesterday I was knocked on my butt and could not get ahead of the pain with my usual coping mechanisms.  I ended up at my doc’s office where I received a shot that he warned would make me a little woozy.

I knew I was a little out of it last night, but sometimes you just muddle through what you have to.

Tim called to check on me and I remembered I had set the phone down to answer the door when I heard angry beeping signalling the phone was off the hook.

This morning is like a scavenger hunt, only I don’t know what I’m looking for.  I opened the fridge to find most of the items I used to make last night’s popcorn.

I wonder what other surprises today holds.

Smug Parenting

So much of parenting style is dependent on a child’s personality.  My oldest is a nonstop ball of energy, emotional, headstrong, and full of curiosity.  The middle son sees the elder boy’s stubborn nature and raises the stakes with a streak of defiance.  The baby?  Well, she’s so young that it is hard to tell, but I believe I see a patient nature with a desire to please.  With her, it would be so easy to believe I knew it all, that all babies should listen to a firm, “No. Don’t touch,” and that they quickly learn to self-entertain.

It may sound as though I am critical of the boys.  While they can drive me to distraction I have a gut feeling I am in my rough years with them and these personality traits may set their paths straight once the foundation is laid.  The stubborn nature I find frustrating now may serve them well when others want them to stray.  Their curiosity and boundless energy are easy to view as assets once they have a respect for property and a handle on containing it at appropriate times.  I won’t lie, it is exhausting.

Peeking In

Just a family and friends update to avoid worried emails and phone calls.

It’s been a long week with connection issues, teething, a growth spurt, and a new project on the side.

It’s taking a little time to adjust to the new routine, but we’ll manage as we always do.  Everyone is fine.

As far as the littlest monkey, she’s cutting her fourth tooth, cruising, clapping, and adding baby talk to her routine.  Tim needs to get out in the sun a little so she looks like a member of our family.  I slather her with sunscreen and she is still tanning.