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Happy, happy

This makes me so very happy.

Open letter to our server at Tommy Condon’s

Dear Server,

I’m a ten year veteran of the industry and have a few tips.

1) Learn to put on a game face.  I don’t care how badly a party makes you cringe, do it on the inside or go back in the kitchen to express your disappointment.  I had called ahead and warned of the unconfirmed headcount.   Your venue doesn’t accept reservations, so be glad you were forewarned of our arrival.

2) Separate checks are not the end of the world, if the party is a cooperative group.  Learn to better gauge your customers before sulking.  Those of us who have put in our time would like to empathize, but find it hard when we see a grown man sulking.  Your restaurant operating system is cake to use and does the work for you.  It’s hard to feel sorry for someone who doesn’t have to do it by hand.

3)It was a Sunday night, be glad you got a group willing to imbibe.

4) Finally, when gratuity is added to a large party, it is only polite to make mention of it.  To not do so is borderline dishonest.

You may have merely had a rough night, but my advice to you is to learn to roll with the parties that land in your section.  You will win some and you will lose.  The tourist season is about to take off and if one party of 12 was disheartening, you have a long road ahead.

Rough days and eavesdropping

badday.jpgToday was one of those days where every time I turned around someone was creating a new mess. Mark dumped an entire, economy bag of cocoa puffs we’d purchase as a treat.  We don’t normally stock ready to eat cereal, and apparently Mark wanted it all at once.

My internet connection has been going in and out for the past week and driving me batty.  I’m hoping that issue is being resolved as I type.

I’m currently hiding from my family and sucking up free wi-fi at Atlanta Bread Company and eavesdropping on a man who seems to be conducting one of those work from home business “opportunity” seminars.  The odd part is, I recognized him and waved when he walked in, but he looked right through me.  I’ll see if he recognizes me next time I see him.

Very odd.

25 weeks


If I stay true to my track record, we’ll be meeting this little one in about 13 weeks.
Oh yeah, Margo, is it OK if I post your picture?

I’m so sorry.

Sometimes we have to decide something hard and we hope that we’ll be talked out of the decision.  It didn’t help to have the professionals agree that it was time.

Gromit, you’ll be missed.

I wish

I wish I could see the images in my son’s mind.  He is always asking what the new baby is doing.

  • Mom, is the new baby crying?
  • is the new baby sleeping in bed?
  • is the new baby reading a book?

I suppose he thinks my belly is fully furnished.

Summer arrival


banana popsicles

sweaty children

sticky hands