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Thinking over CREATE South

Whether it’s a simple blogger meet up over a burger and a meal or a conference, I always have high hopes of coming home and shutting myself away for a few moments to explain the impact these moments have on my life. The funny thing is, that those moments are all I get. I’m in the middle of the busy years and someday I may be able to recap things, but right now to steal any more time away has a cost I’m not willing to pay. At this moment I have a few moments before the Benadryl kicks in (thank you springtime) and the kids are in bed. These years are finite and I’m aware that I should be greatful for the the freedoms I do have. As an introvert, these events are fulfilling, but exhausting. As a parent, I’m required to play an extrovert, even on those days I have the urge to spend tucked away in solitude.

I want to explain why I love hanging out with Tee Morris, but really all I’ll be able to say is a total fangirl “SQUEE!” Today I met authors and got a realistic look into what to expect if I ever go forward with my hopes of being published. I don’t have aspirations of being famous, but I would like to be validated. I met a lady whose books I will buy the next time I can justify a splurge at Barnes and Noble or on Amazon. I think I have a new author, Tiffany Trent, I can share with my stepdauther 

Today, I spent time in geek heaven. There was talk of memes, cultural revolutions, trending, early adopters, and social media douchebags: all of these are key words, words that let me know I don’t have to explain every obscure reference that may come out of  my mouth. I was able to get excited and talk about things that matter to me, transparency, online presence, honesty and authority and no one gave a verbal headpat.

I’m greedy because I want more. 

I hope what I take from today is the encouragement that comes from mingling with peers and use it to define and make progress toward a goal, whatever it is.

Before I turn in, I want to thank all of those who took the time to drive up to Myrtle Beach to be a part of CREATE South, but I would especially like to thank Greg Pittman, Chris Gallagher, Dan Tennant, Jared Smith, Chuck Boyd, and Raymond Owens for participating in the Community track of the conference.

Briefly Beautiful

There’s a tree in my yard that blooms each spring. The leaves hide most of the blooms, but they are lovely.



A Story of a Girl and a Car

Sometimes you don’t need words to tell the story. To think, this is only the beginning.











Medieval Times

I jokingly Tweeted that I was living a scene from The Cable Guy, but Medieval Times was much more fun that I expected. I think watching my kids in awe of the performance truly added too the experience. From the moment they received their crowns, the boys were entranced.



My favorite picture though was Mark with “his blue knight.”


We took our time leaving and as we were walking to the car the gentleman who plays the king happened to be behind the building. Mark began talking to this nice man and we were the lucky recipients of an introduction to many of the horses in the show. I wish I could spell some of the moves the Andalusians performed, but as an adult they were they most impressive part of the evening. One of the horses performed a leap where he kicked to the rear while in the air. I can’t imagine how strong he must be.

This trip has been awesome and I really can’t thank the folks at Myrtlebeachhotels.com enough for the opportunity.

Overheard in My Life

Mark and Aidan were arguing over some aspect of putt-putt when Mark shrieked, “I was born to play miniature golf.”

Last night, Ellie and I were watching television and there was a train. Like any mom I told her trains say, “Chugga chugga chugga chugga, choo choo.” 

She looked at me quizzically and replied, “Socky socky socky socky, shoe shoe?”

“Yes, baby, that’s exactly right.”

Cheesy grin

you saw that


sand walkingW

We’re still in Myrtle Beach having a blast thanks to MyrtleBeachHotels.com