Medieval Times

I jokingly Tweeted that I was living a scene from The Cable Guy, but Medieval Times was much more fun that I expected. I think watching my kids in awe of the performance truly added too the experience. From the moment they received their crowns, the boys were entranced.



My favorite picture though was Mark with “his blue knight.”


We took our time leaving and as we were walking to the car the gentleman who plays the king happened to be behind the building. Mark began talking to this nice man and we were the lucky recipients of an introduction to many of the horses in the show. I wish I could spell some of the moves the Andalusians performed, but as an adult they were they most impressive part of the evening. One of the horses performed a leap where he kicked to the rear while in the air. I can’t imagine how strong he must be.

This trip has been awesome and I really can’t thank the folks at enough for the opportunity.

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#1 Angela on 04.04.09 at 4:47 am

That is great you had such a good time. A good break between company and more company?

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