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Sneak Peek

Tomorrow I’ll be creating an email list for those who want to be notified of the book launch. My editor was kind enough to shoot over a jpg of the cover. I thought some of you might be interested.



I look like I know what I’m doing.

You have to click through for the full version, sorry.

Don’t be fooled, I missed the shot.

Thank you for the pic, Dave.

The Great Big Name Drop Post 2010 Style

I’ve spent the past few days in Las Vegas, a surreal version of life. There’s a whole lot of glitz, sparkle, and glam but don’t look too close or you may notice the veneer, and the carefully placed marketing.

Does that take away from the fun?

Heck no. I’ve enjoyed seeing fancy hotel suites and being treated as though I’m a VIP, but it’s not real. I get that. Do I mind the occasional free drink or schmoozing? Not one bit, it’s fun.

This list isn’t complete, there are several more names I need to add, as I internally match names with contact info, but so far I’ve had the pleasure of meeting or catching up with:

Angel Djambazov

Annabel Candy


Dave Griner

Dave Taylor

Howard Greenstein

Jeffrey Powers – who says I have a familiar face. Uh huh

Jordan Cooper aka NotaProBlog

Kelby Carr

Lucretia Pruitt

Ryan Hupfer of iSocket (on a side note, my kids call my sister Aunt Teppy)

Ryan Wynia

Shawn Christenson aka The Canadian

Srini Rao

There’s still a lot of fun to be had, sessions to attend, and people to meet and then time to kill in the airport. Hopefully I can squeeze in another trip to In and Out.

Mixed Feelings

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?

So why, when someone imitates, or it appears that they have, do I get that “Eew, copy-cat copy-cat” feeling?

And just to toss out how big of a hypocrite I can be, it’s entirely possible that I accidentally did it to Mom101 when Ivy and I first started Home Ec 101.

Standards, People, Standards

I don’t talk about faith too often. I’m not ashamed of who I am or what I believe, I just try really hard to live a quote I’ve heard attributed to St. Francis of Assisi:

Preach the gospel always. Use words when necessary.

Am I good at that? Probably not, but I hear effort counts for something.

Why do we hold Christian media producers to a different set of standards than secular?

Could we please start at least judging Christian art, in whatever form takes, on its actual merit and not its intentions. This is something I see a lot with my more evangelical friends. If a movie is labelled Christian, then no matter how bad the acting is, you’d think it was the best thing since sliced bread.

It’s not.

No matter what the intentions, bad movies are still lame.

Bad acting is bad acting.

Every time someone creates a bad movie and promotes it on the Christian platform, they really aren’t doing the rest of us any favors.

Plenty of people I know immediately knock IQ points off of anyone who claims to be Christian. It’s an obnoxious and cruel assumption, but it’s out there. In that light, I believe excusing bad media for its intentions or message does Christianity and faith a huge disservice. It’s one thing to be mocked for your beliefs and it’s another to embarrass yourself.

Knock it off.

It is a beautiful thing to create to glorify Him, it’s another to expect others to glorify you for the effort.

Having faith in God does not make a person an artist.

Michaelangelo was not commissioned to paint the Sistine Chapel because of his faith, I’m not even sure he was Christian, I think I remember hearing he was Humanist or Platonist, but I could be wrong. He was chosen because his art would best glorify God.

Menu Monday 10/4/2010

I’m moving my weekly menu from Home Ec 101 to here. It just feels more appropriate. Posting them helps keep me accountable. Bold items are recipes I hope to post on HE101.

Monday – Chicken soup for Tim and I, & dumplings for the kids, coleslaw

Tuesday – Tuna melts – in cabbage leaves for Tim and I- celery, carrots, broccoli + ranch

Wednesday – Beef stew with zucchini and pan roasted rutabaga –I also plan on retaking pics of the stew-

Thursday – Clean out refrigerator night

Friday – Salmon or steelhead trout with pecan crust, steamed vegetables (cheese sauce for the kids), sauteed cabbage

Saturday  – Pizza night. The kids miss it. (Pizza crust recipe, pizza sauce recipe)

Sunday – Roast chicken with chili honey glaze, Brussels sprouts, roast cauliflower

Do you menu plan? What’s on yours? Are you trying anything special this week?