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Irreverant Lenten Sacrifice

Just another one of those conversations that’s too amusing to keep private.

Tim: Hey, want a beer?
Me: Uh no, I gave up alcohol for Lent, remember?
Tim: Oh.

He’s quiet for a moment..

Tim: Does this mean we won’t be . . .
Me: That’s what you gave up for Lent.

LCB & T Meet up at the Glass Onion

I’m sorry Hominy Grill, but I think I may have found a new favorite shrimp and grits. To. die. for.

Many thanks go out to the fine staff at the Glass Onion for accomodating the Lowcountry Bloggers and Tweeters.


Dan, Terry

Jared, Heidi, Kathy

Jared, Heidi, Kath


Cheryl, Canaan

Jared, Ian, Terry, Dan, Don

Jared, Ian, Terry, Dan, Don

George, Terry, Ian

George, Terry, Ian

The star of the evening: Shrimp and grits

The star of the evening: Shrimp and grits

Thursday Brain Dump

Dan Tennant and I are forming a team of bloggers and tweeters for the i5k. We need two more for our official team of 6, Jared and Eugene have agreed to join in. If you are a real runner, you are more than welcome to keep up with Dan, otherwise you can shuffle along with me toward the back of the pack. There is a $25 registration fee, but there is an after party. I believe we may have t-shirts made. I’m picturing the state logo with a Twitter bird instead of a crescent. Jared suggested the text hint that we’re making up for all of our time sitting at the computer.

It’s my first 5k and I’ve been using a treadmill to train. I am being assured by various sources that I’ll be faster on the street, but time will tell.

I think I may be getting a little better at managing my time, either that or the kids are moving out of less needy phases and I’ve suddenly been able to get more done.

If I knew the right people to ask, I’d beg Libman to make a mop designed for people 6′ and taller. We have needs too. The bent handle design is awesome, except for the whole aching back part.

Provided I make it to the gym tomorrow, it’ll be the first time in several months I have managed to go consistently two weeks in a row. #15byjune That is the hashtag for a group I’ve joined that has committed to making small changes to lose 15lbs by June. I’m not looking for 15lbs on the scale, my goal is to gain better consistency in going to the gym.

Aidan’s reading is improving dramatically day by day. Each night before bed we read a chapter from a book and he begs for his turn to read a few paragraphs. Right now we’re tackling Beverly Cleary and the Ramona series and I love how she doesn’t dumb down the language just because she writes for children. He’s having to tackle difficult words and is doing very well and enjoying it.

This will be the first year I truly observe Lent. As a child I’d give up random items, in my young adulthood I had wandered away and gave the practice little, if any thought. I suppose I’ll need to organize my time well so I won’t be forced to write about food while hungry.

Now that I have photo editing software again, I need to get back in the habit of using my camera.

Creature of Habit

It’s funny how an old household appliance can illustrate the idea that I should spend more time exploring the options I already have. Last night I was cleaning the kitchen and getting ready for bed a little earlier than usual, when the coffeemaker caught my eye. Arguably the most important tool in our kitchen, the appliance sits wedged under a cabinet with a spool of thread holding the lid on tightly. Without the spool it sullenly blinks “Lid Open, Lid Open.” We’ve had this Wal-mart wonder for over a year and I can’t remember ever actually setting it.  Today I’m enjoying coffee without measuring half-blinded by sleep. I didn’t bang the filter on the trashcan and hope the kids were sleeping soundly. I should have taken advantage long ago.

The Great Update

Several weeks ago, Mark threw a cup of water and destroyed my laptop. I have been slowly learning how much a person depends on saved passwords and email address. It’s been a rude awakening from which I am recovering. If I was supposed to respond to an email, please resend it. I believe I have caught up on everything, but it’s hard to tell.

Always back up your address book. Always.

I miss my photo-editing software.

I have agreed to head up the building community track for this year’s CREATE South. I’ll be filling 3.5 hours with presentations, at the moment I believe I’m leaning toward three individual presentations of 30 – 45 minutes and one panel. This could change depending on my success or failure with securing speakers.

I have returned to the gym. I have also joined an online group of ladies whose goal is to lose 15lbs by June. 15lbs would put me right at my target weight, but as I do lift weights that is not a hard number. I need to figure out my BMI so I have a concrete target, but there is effort involved and do I really need to go there? I plan on entering at least a 5k in April and I am considering the Cooper River Bridge Run. My last two runs have been fairly decent 3.5 and 3.65 miles in 45 minutes. However, I still hate running, but I’m starting to hate days I don’t run a little more.

Are my kids the only ones who seem to go through periods of extreme klutziness? We have not scheduled family portraits, so I cannot figure out the cause. The 5yo has rug burns on his forehead and nose, very attractive I might add. The baby tipped over on the tricycle skinning her upper lip and forehead. Then yesterday she wiped out and hit the bottom rung of a chair splitting her lower lip and bruising her gums. It breaks my heart to look at her right now.

Home Ec 101 will be mentioned in the May issue of Woman’s Day. I can’t begin to say how much this excites me. Don D. Lewis will be here on Tuesday to begin shooting video for the site.  I’ll be starting with basic knife skills am I’m thankful to know Don well enough to know he won’t hate me for being nervous and flubbing takes.

I did not get the job, but my resume is polished and will soon be posted on HeatherSolos.com, well, as soon as I get around to loading a platform.