Creature of Habit

It’s funny how an old household appliance can illustrate the idea that I should spend more time exploring the options I already have. Last night I was cleaning the kitchen and getting ready for bed a little earlier than usual, when the coffeemaker caught my eye. Arguably the most important tool in our kitchen, the appliance sits wedged under a cabinet with a spool of thread holding the lid on tightly. Without the spool it sullenly blinks “Lid Open, Lid Open.” We’ve had this Wal-mart wonder for over a year and I can’t remember ever actually setting it.  Today I’m enjoying coffee without measuring half-blinded by sleep. I didn’t bang the filter on the trashcan and hope the kids were sleeping soundly. I should have taken advantage long ago.

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#1 Indy on 05.01.16 at 6:53 pm

Looks like it’s going to be a trip full of hipster glosYes.sau look great. Keep holding it down. And keep the quality of this blog up. The bar has been set, Eli.

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