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Fessin’ Up

I squealed like a little girl this morning.

There are times and places I expect bugs: window sills, porches, under trees and logs, etc.

I do not expect them to fall out of the laundry as I’m transferring clothes from the washer to the dryer.  The evil thing leapt out of the shirt I had in my hand, waved at me (or maybe gave me the bird, I don’t speak spider), and ran under the washer.

The worst part is knowing that big honker is still alive; that’s one tough mother.  Have you seen the spin cycle on an HE washer?

Much Needed Escape

Margo and I escaped last night.






Hard Headed Monkey

Mark, the two year old took a tumble on Saturday.  He didn’t fall far, but hit his head on a board.  I’m used to the boys’ antics and was not overly concerned.  I carried him to the steps to comfort him, when I saw blood coming from his ear canal.

I don’t know about everyone, but that’s when alarm bells began ringing and panic wanted to take hold.  I was sure his eardrum had burst.  We spent the afternoon at Urgent Care in North Charleston, where we learned he had somehow lacerated the inside of his ear canal, but his ear drum was intact.

The doctor was more concerned with where he had struck his head and insisted on x-rays.  Thankfully the little monkey is fine and only has one heck of a knot to show for it.

Parental Authority

I was disgusted this week while listening to news reports about the decision in Maine to allow birth control to be dispensed to eleven year olds without parental knowledge.  When I finally heard more details, learning it was a school health center and that children could only visit after parents consented for the initial visit my reaction was tempered, but only slightly.

I was still annoyed by the reference to these children as young women.

Contrast this with the crime show I viewed while sitting with my son at the Urgent Care.  The story was about the kidnapping of a seventeen year old throughout the program the host referred to her as a child, a little girl, and all I could think about was those veritable babies in Maine.

I understand there are parents who fail, but when are we going to stop undermining the ability of decent parents?  Society tells us to keep our children in line, yet dangles every temptation in front of them, chastises those of us who decide to shelter them while impressionable, tsks tsks nearly any effort at discipline in public, and then howls with outrage if they run wild.

Make up your minds.  You cannot have it both ways.

Coming Around

I can feel myself slowly returning to normal. I have the desire and the energy to lug out my camera. The in-laws are visiting and we took a quick trip up to Beidler Forest. I made Tim pull over twice on the way home so I could snap a few pictures.

I’m also including a gratuitous Ellie shot.

This cypress knee reminds me of a woman, more specifically of a crudely rendered Madonna and Child sculpture.



C’est moi

And the rugrats.  Excuse the oldest’s strange expression.

Thanks for the pic, Margo.


We all need haircuts, but who has the energy?

Google, too big for its britches?

I wonder if Google’s promises are currently outstripping its resources.  My mail is slow, my feed reader is about to get tossed out, and even Google’s homepage is only working intermittently.

So many firsts

There are many things I look forward to: smiling, cooing, crawling.

Notice the first cold is not on the list?  Poor kiddo is snot nosed and miserable.  Of course she’s mad and wants to nurse, but she’s so stuffy that nursing frustrates her, so she gets mad and wants to nurse.

Crazy?  I was crazy once. . .

I found it

You can stop looking.  I found the worst toy ever.

No really, you may think the lowest of the low is plastic vomit or if you’re particularly sensitive a toy gun.  How about toy brass knuckles under the name “three finger rings.”  Yep, right on the discount aisle of Wal-mart*.

*Deal with it, I only had a few minutes and needed spinach and a birthday present.  You do that at Bi-Lo and you’re giving a crappier gift than this poor kid is getting.