Coming Around

I can feel myself slowly returning to normal. I have the desire and the energy to lug out my camera. The in-laws are visiting and we took a quick trip up to Beidler Forest. I made Tim pull over twice on the way home so I could snap a few pictures.

I’m also including a gratuitous Ellie shot.

This cypress knee reminds me of a woman, more specifically of a crudely rendered Madonna and Child sculpture.




#1 Taylor on 10.19.07 at 5:12 pm

Gah! She is SO CUTE!

#2 Margo on 10.19.07 at 7:02 pm

Those are great! I love the depth in the cotton one, and the rays of sun in the church one are beautiful!

Of course, however, Ellie steals the show. 🙂

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