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What Is This

I usually take a very passive approach to composting, but this year the heap has gotten a little big.

So, I’m minding my own business, turning my compost pile when I find this:

So what is this other than the biggest grub I’ve ever seen? It has the legs of a palmetto bug, the face of who knows what. . . Did I stumble upon the baby Mothra of cicadas or what?

If I find things like this on a regular basis. . . I think I’ll go back to my lazy, passive composting ways and let those things nosh in peace.

It appears it might be a Herculean Beetle or a Rhinoceros Beetle which is actually kind of cool. Thanks Twitter!

Picture Post

Just a few quick kid pics, before I forget.

Last week I took the kids and my pal Bran up to Chimney Rock. Great day and as all family trips go, it’s not complete until someone gets hurt.

The kidssmile pleaseEllieMarkAidanbump

Picture Time

Just some random fun.
Egg dimple


Errata Take Whatever

I feel human again. The cruel joke is that I have to stop taking the new allergy medicines in just a few days for another round of testing. You see, I had a reaction strong enough to the scratch test to worry the doctor and they stopped the testing.

Does your throat itch? No.

Are your lips tingling? No.

We have an epi pen right here.

Thankfully it never came to that.

It was absolutely vindicating to learn my allergies are that bad; that I’m not just being a wuss. I’m such a neurotic weirdo, I know I lean toward hypchondriac, but then I always end up waiting until I’m absolutely miserable so I don’t waste a doctor’s time. That happy medium is a hard place to find.


I went to the Summerville Farmer’s Market a few weeks ago and I’m very happy with some of the pics I took.


Mikala is here for awhile. I’m enjoying the heck out of having willing help in the kitchen. I let her choose and today we’re going to tackle spring rolls for this week’s Fearless Friday.

Briefly Beautiful

There’s a tree in my yard that blooms each spring. The leaves hide most of the blooms, but they are lovely.



Almost Anything Tiny Is Cute

I tightly cropped this picture to share the detail.  Apparently we have baby mantises in our backyard.  I love macrophotography because it forces me to tightly focus on the beauty by which I am surrounded.

I am often surprised by the possibilities in my own home.  Lately I have noticed this is true of my life, as well.  When I force myself to take stock of what I have available I am more likely to be satisfied.

Hatchery Photo Shoot

The lake is astoundingly low.




New Favorite Photo


Asheville Pics

I wish I’d had more time to get out and take pictures.   This building is the old VA hospital, it looks quite spooky.  I didn’t cross any of the areas marked no trespassing, but I was still briefly talked to by the police.  Oh well, all part of the fun, right?





The last few are from the road I take to my friend’s house.  How lucky is she with views like that?

Much Needed Escape

Margo and I escaped last night.