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Sushi and Scoble

If those active in the Friendfeed arena can feel free to blame Robert Scoble for contributing to the doom and gloom that is fueling the downward spiral of the US (and world) economy, then I should feel perfectly validated blaming him for my own uncomfortable situation.

It all started with a sushi dinner on Saturday night, closing the ConvergeSouth weekend. I have fondness for sushi that borders on obsessive; I can daydream about it for months on end silently trying to outlast my husband’s willpower. (Have I ever mentioned I’m neurotic?) Once the magical night of sushi arrives, I gorge and leave sated with a touch of guilt. Saturday was no different.  Robert and a lady I don’t know well assumed the role of sushi selectors. This was fine by me, I always take the easy road and leave it up to the chef.

I nod sagely as I am told what each piece is, but my greedy American nature always wins. When no one is staring to see me fumble with my chopsticks I stuff my face and moan inwardly with delight.

Plate after plate of jewel colored fish arrived. I bemoaned leaving my camera in the hotel room as I sampled and asked for the plates to be passed down to my end. I’m somewhat convinced that most of the guests will gladly blame the gentleman across from me for the rapid disappearance of food, but I can assure you as sake toasts were raised I was reloading my plate.

But Heather, that sounds like a lovely evening, why are you blaming Robert Scoble for all the whining you’ve done over the past few days?

Have patience my dear readers, patience.

Monday evening it was my mission to atone for my sushi sins with a productive session at the gym. Near the end of class I was lying on my back, scissor kicking with my heels six inches off the floor, silently cursing my instructor and his future descendants when I felt a subtle pop. A twinge. Not the sweet relief of a joint cracking, just a feeling of something giving way.

As I walked to the parking lot, pain was shooting down the back of my leg and my calf was tingling.

Yes, it’s a minor injury, simply a pulled muscle that is affecting my sciatic nerve, but as anyone will tell you back injuries rarely feel minor and the past two days have been dulled by the haze of a prescription muscle relaxant and the soothing warmth of a heating pad. This my friends is why I have neglected to share stories of those wondeful people with whom I basked the flourescent glow of geekery.

It’s all Mr. Scoble’s fault.

ConvergeSouth Decompression

The past few days have been great, on many levels. The break from my usual routine was needed. While I have geektastic friends in the Lowcountry blogosphere it was very freeing to spend four days submerged in an orgy of geek.

While most of my family will simply read this and say “Who?” I must brag that I had dinner with Robert Scoble twice. Thursday night, at a small Italian restaurant where I ordered poorly. I thought the menu said Chicken Parmesan, but when it arrived it was actually Chicken Parmebland, my mistake. (Yes, this is exactly why we’re having chicken parmesan tonight). Saturday night was sushi, gorgeous, tasty sushi. I regret not bringing my camera as it was a foodie’s dream.

I’m still processing the weekend, visiting new sites, confirming new connections, and catching up on work. It may be a day or two before I find all the pictures I want to share and link to all the great people I met.

She’s Going to Say the “P” Word

So far I’ve abstained from nearly every political discussion. I’m Libertarian and so disappointed with each candidate that I will be choosing the one who seems to least oppose my views. At the moment the political race is depressing at best. I do not feel Obama floated down on a cloud to save us all nor do I find McCain remotely appealing. Yet, this is not my beef. 

This is a weird a time for me. Like most people I have several circles of acquaintances based on shared experience. In one I can tell I’m seen as the fruitcake conservative and in another I feel marginalized for being the liberal whacko. Thankfully, those I call my friends tolerate my opinions when I choose to share them.

What has me so pissed off at the moment is an attitude running rampant throughout several platforms in which I visit and participate. The belief that one person is superior to another for an opinion based decision makes my skin crawl. We vote because we are a democratic republic. There are going to be losers in this election. The people that voted for them are still your neighbors, friends, and coworkers. They are not suddenly idiots because of one opinion based decision. (I’m not saying morons don’t exist.)

I fully understand the need, desire, and excitement felt by someone who is fired up by a  cause. I get it. What I don’t get is the hatred spreading on both sides of the aisle. It’s sinister and it needs to stop. On November 4th I and most of my friends and acquaintances will step into a booth, pull a curtain, and make choices, hard choices. They are based on opinions, hopes, and unfortunately fears. The choices my friends make does not lessen them in my eyes if it does not agree with my own. They are not idiots, racists, bigots, or stupid if they choose differently. We all live have to live with the outcome in November.

Never dull

Web design, writing, horseback riding, meal delivery, that’s what weekends are made of.

I’m beat. Please remind me of days like today the next time I mention boredom.

Have I mentioned that I get to go to Google’s Ribbon Cutting on Tuesday? No? Well, you must be one of the few people I don’t bore to tears on a regular basis. I’m so excited I can’t stand myself.