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The process by which the increase in length of time on earth is equal to the increase in the likelihood of injuring oneself while sleeping.


Why can’t I turn my head this morning?

Did You Hear

Wednesday morning a chorus of angels broke out into the Hallelujah Chorus. I opened my eyes and listened to the strains of the hymn as it slowly dawned on me that I had not moved since falling asleep the evening before. It has been a very long time, years, since I have had the luxury of not being awoken in the middle of the night. Someone in the peanut gallery may say, “But you didn’t have children at the conference back in April!” Ah, that person has never been a nursing mother or they would know about having to pump thanks to being in tune with the baby’s cycle, even when said baby is ninety miles away.

For over five years I have been pregnant, nursing, or both. I am ready to have my body back and to move on to watching our family grow rather than actively fueling its growth. Ellie is weaning and only the tiniest part of me feels a touch of regret. The rest of me will dance out to the dumpster and gleefully throw away my nursing bras with their snarled elastic and bent hooks.

Please don’t misunderstand, breastfeeding is a beautiful thing. I am glad to have done this for them, but I’m also glad to have the freedom of once again belonging more to myself.

Five Years

September seventeen, for a girl I know it’s Mother’s Day ~ Tragically Hip

I first fell in love with the words of this song in my late teens.

We hoped and tried for eighteen months, turning to a fertility specialist. My first appointment involved bloodwork to check thyroid levels. That bloodwork also showed I was finally pregnant. We thanked the specialist for their quick and effective program. 

It was a tumultous pregnancy, first Tim was laid off when the silicon industry slowed. He found work as an electrician for Ameristeel. I worked for a nice restaurant, waiting tables and cooking. In June I began having complications and was hospitalized on July 1 for pre-term labor. I was 27 weeks pregnant, but the magnesium sulfate stopped my labor. Five years ago I joined the ranks of motherhood as my little man joined the world kicking and screaming.

Happy birthday little man.

Happy birthday.

Bits and Pieces

This is to remind myself that yes, they can all be clean and happy at the same time.

Ellie still isn’t walking, but she’s finally sleeping better, which means I’m sleeping better.  As if by magic the blinding headaches I’ve been muddling through have ended. Consequently, I am happier and probably more pleasant person. No comments from the peanut gallery, please. 

As per usual there are a lot of things happening both in the local blogosphere and with Home Ec 101 that keep me busy. Last night Eugene helped organize a meet-up at Fiery Ron’s Home Team BBQ. The food was good, the atmosphere was casual, the staff was nice, and of course the company was great. I was truly happy to meet Raymond and Larry, both relatively new to blogging, but quite informed about the changing state of media. 

Last night’s conversation did nothing but stoke the excitement I feel about ConvergeSouth. I may have a partner for the roadtrip, which is also exciting.

Ten years ago I didn’t see life outside of the restaurant industry, eight years ago I was double majoring in Biochem and Biology, five years ago I was anxiously awaiting the birth of my first child. The twists and turns of life amuse me greatly.

Confession Time

I’ve been working out at the gym for a few months now and some of my motivations are healthy.  I would like to increase my strength and endurance, tone up, and generally establish an example of healthy habits for my kids. But, I must admit I have a few selfish and vain reasons for motivating myself. It gives me time away from the kids. When I’m on the treadmill or lifting weight no one is whining. My internal monologue doesn’t count. 

The other reason is worse, pure vanity.  I want to be in better shape for the upcoming ConvergeSouth conference and the hosted dinner. I know it’s silly, but I’ll be meeting a lot of people and well, there you have it.

Once the conference is over I wonder how I’ll convince myself to load all the munchkins into the car when I’d rather sit on my behind. I’m currently operating under the assumption that it will be a habit by mid-October.

Another Birthday

Hard to believe, but my little man is turning three.


Happy birthday Mark-a-doodle.

Welcome Home!

Wow Hanna, you shouldn’t have.