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Formal Invitation

After the blognic, Geoff complained he hadn’t seen an invitation.

He will have no such complaints for this meet-up.

I e-mailed him this morning:

Dear Geoff,
This is your formal invitation to the blogger meet-up on Tuesday. I’d have sent an engraved one, but I don’t have the time to stalk you properly*.

*We all know this is a fib, it’s more like I don’t have the inclination, but a lack of time sounds better.

Why I Don’t Plan to Move

It’s November 29th.

We were listening to Christmas carols.

We had the windows down on our drive home from the beach.

December Blogger Meet Up

Well, I attempted to cajole Geoff into arranging a blogger get together in October, but he has officially dropped the ball.

That is OK.

I was wondering if anyone would be up for meeting for Happy Hour next week? I’m open any night but Wednesday and would love to meet somewhere like the Dog and Duck in Mt. P?

Absolutely nothing formal, just a drop in if you can make it type meet-up.


They have good bar food.

I am completely open to other suggestions.

Blogging In Beta Blogger (test post)

Well folks, this is Blogger’s chance. I’ve been considering a move over to Typepad, but I have decided to give the Beta version a try. So far I like how it looks; being lazy and cheap may not have been such a bad decision.

I like finally having a label option.

Now This. . .

This is what I missed.

Tim has gone; the boys and even the dogs are asleep. My house is quiet and my coffee is warm. I am alone in silence, except for the clicking of the keyboard.

The sun will soon rise and with it my children.

I had a moment’s peace before the daily chaos.

Today is good.

I smell nerds.

They both live here and spend their time playing things like Scrabble and World Of Warcraft.

I think they need to get out of the house.


All Done

One mom, two boys, thirteen days, eight states, three thousand four hundred eighty-two miles, seventeen cups of coffee, thirty-six chicken nuggets, one stomach virus, and we’re finally home.

I’d like to thank everyone who put up with us in their homes, most especially to Carye and Ivy who also put up with the virus. It’s so good to know I have such loyal and caring friends. There are nothing like bodily fluids for testing a friendship.

Meanest. Mom. Ever.

It’s official. I am the meanest mom ever. I took Aidan to the Urgent Care, last night. They gave him a prescription for phenergen and told me to not give him any food for twenty-four hours.

For the past couple of days he has been unable to differentiate between nausea and hunger, today is no different, only we’re withholding food. The poor little guy can’t understand.

We’re heading back to Charleston as soon as our clothes are dry.

Five hours and we’re home.

Tim and I have been married for five years, today.

Mountain Snow

Mom -1
Kids -2
Miles -3184
Cups of coffee -17
Chicken Nuggets- 34

It was snowing when we crossed the ridge from Tennessee to North Carolina, but the roads were clear. The trip was uneventful until Aidan puked on Carye’s couch.

Sorry about that.

Somewhere in TN

Mom -1
Kids -2
Miles -3045.6
Cups of Coffee -16
Chicken Nuggets -34

An hour ago as we crested a ridge, the sun broke through the clouds and the mountains were bathed in golden light against a backdrop of blue steel clouds. It was one of those moments that makes every annoyance of travelling trivial. The boys were sleeping, so I sped through the beauty in silence.