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Adios La Vergne, TN

Mom -1
Kids -2
Miles -2871
Chicken Nuggets -34
Cups of Coffee -16

If you happen to be travelling from Nashville to Asheville and need to make a pitstop, do not be surprised if you come across a harried looking mother leaving a toddler behind as she drags a crying preschooler toward the bathroom. Try not to assume she’s a rotten mother, just realize that when a young child says they “Really have to go” and they have diarrhea that there isn’t time to fight with a carseat. Sometimes you just have to pray that locked doors are enough.

We’re leaving Nashville as close to naptime as possible; both children are exhausted so I’m hoping they sleep much of the trip. My friend, Carye, is a mother hen and is opening her home to us, nasty germs and all. I am looking forward to seeing her, but I can’t help but look forward to the comfort of our own home, too.

I also want to be close to our PPO, if necessary, poor kid.

Middle TN Blogger Meet Up

Mom – 1
Kids – 0!!!!!!!!!!!
Miles – Ivy drove
Cups of Coffee – 14 and enjoying a cappucino
Chicken Nuggets – 34 (Ivy’s fault)

We’re at Espresso Joe’s in Smyrna. It’s nice to see the faces of the blogs I read. There will be a podcast that I will link to as soon as it is posted.

There is another out of towner present, who lives in Hopkins, MN.

Baldbaldivy is enjoying headrubs.

Pics later.

5:30am Rude Awakening

I used to think the “kid puking in the middle of the night” was the worst wake up call. No, it turns out “my kid puking on me in the middle of the night in someone else’s house” is the worst wake up call.

Let’s hope it’s just “road gut;” he has no other symptoms.

I might also add, it’s not really high on my list to be the first one up doing laundry at someone else’s house, either.

Ivy Bound

Mom -1
Kids -2
Miles -2727.1
Cups of Coffee -14.5
Chicken Nuggets -30

We’re back at Ft. Campbell, which means we’re just about an hour from Nashville. Barring any unforseen events we should be there soon. What’s for dinner?


Mom -1
Kids -2
Miles -2489.1
Cups of Coffee -14
Chicken Nuggets -30

Sibling rivalry is rearing its ugly head. Who knew that I should have brought two identical blankets? Southern IL fun for everyone! Tim is starting to sound as though he actually misses us. He could just be getting tired of Taco Bell; time will tell.

Champaign, IL

Mom – 1
Kids – 2
Miles – 2376.4
Cups of Coffee – 13
Chicken Nuggets – 30

We escaped from my father’s at ten pm and are headed for La Vergne, TN and BaldbaldIvy’s. I will admit I am sorely in need of a washing machine, I hope she doesn’t mind me taking over hers for a load or two.

I did get to spend a nice afternoon at my stepsister’s. She has two kids who are only months apart from my own and as a bonus she’s nearly as geeky as me! My stepmother cooked a pre-Thanksgiving for us and the children were able to play in a childproofed home. Thank you!

There’s no continental breakfast, so I suppose I should feed the boys and hit the road. I hope to be at Ivy’s by this afternoon. I miss y’all, especially the folks back home.


Mom – 1
Kids – 2
Miles – 2164
Cups of Coffee – 12
Chicken Nuggets – 30

By ten o’clock this morning I’d made my decision. That comes across much more rationally in writing. By ten o’clock this morning I’d broken down in tears because I was scared of hurting my stepmother’s feelings. She strives to be a great and accomodating hostess, but their house is just not child friendly. My father is a hoarder and she loves her knick-knacks.

We’re holed up in a Super 8, which is a step up from the Motel 6 on our first trip through. There’s hot water, a working elevator, and no surprise porn.

This trip has given me a lot of time to think and I hope I retain some of the ideas I have for new topics.

Diamond, IL

Mom – 1
Kids – 2
Miles – 2101.2
Cups of coffee – 12
Chicken Nuggets – 26

Thank you Connie! If you ever need information Googled while you are stuck in traffic on I-355 outside of Chicago, she’s your gal. I made a terrible error with the toll booths, she researched how I could remit my missed. $0.05 so I don’t end up a fine over a bloody nickel.

Ten hours on the road and we have arrived at my father’s place. The true test of patience begins now. He lives in a small, completely packed and unchildproofed home. I have no idea how I’m going to get through the next 48 hours. Tim has suggested a motel for the second night and I’m truly beginning to think it may be my only vestige of hope.

Black River Falls

Mom – 1
Kids – 2
Miles – 1799.8
Cups of Coffee – 1
Chicken Nuggets – 26

It’s cloudy, but no winter weather has been predicted. I really hope noting this doesn’t bite me in the rear again. We’re on our way to Joliet, IL. The kids are looking forward to seeing my father and his wife. Nothing exciting so far today and I hope things don’t change.

Resting Up

Mom – 1
Kids -2 (sleeping!)
Miles – 1650
Cups of Coffee – 10
Chicken Nuggets – 26 (the grandparents struck!)

I’ve enjoyed the past couple of days, catching up on sleep, enjoying great food, and spending time with family and friends. Tomorrow we pack it up and head back to Joliet, IL. If we do need to get a motel, I can assure everyone it will not be a Motel 6.

One aspect of the trip that has puzzled me is how others keep saying, “Wow she’s brave!” I don’t know how to explain my position, but this adventure doesn’t seem to require courage, scads of patience, but not courage exactly. It has been a lesson in trust, allowing some of the people I’ve met to lend a hand. Trust is not my strong suit; giving up control has never been easy. There are times, especially when I’m on my own, where I cannot do it all, at least not in a manner that is safe or in the mode I would like it done. I hope the rest of the trip is a positive expereince.