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I survived an unexpected trip to Myrtle Beach.

  • No husband
  • 1 set of grandparents
  • 2 nights
  • 3 days
  • 4 kids
  • 5 hours of “Are we there/home yet?”


Voluntary Recall

So, I admit to not watching the news over the past week.  I was dismayed to find my Bi Lo has voluntarily recalled their jalapeños.  I did not voluntarily agree to this.

I am quite concerned that today’s purchase of the inferior chiles will render an inferior bacon and cream cheese experience.


Independence isn’t always celebrated with fireworks, for my son the small steps he is taken are most often rewarded with a high five and a hug.  For him it’s a series of small victories and accomplishments, for me, it’s a time of biting my tongue, standing back, and letting go.

I’m watching the small accomplishments with pride and a little regret.  Today it’s carefully pouring his own drink, tomorrow he’ll pedal away, and next week or so it may seem, I may catch a glimpse of his brown eyes as he glances in the rear view mirror.

Learn a Little Every Day

I hate running because I become bored and see no reason to continue.  I don’t watch television because there are far more interesting things to do.  There must be something to synergy because I now know I will run three miles on a treadmill, as long as I have my own tv and headphones.

I definitely want to do next year’s iFive:k and potentially the Bridge Run, but please don’t hold me to the latter.

Want the Good News or Bad News

Good news.

I remembered this morning, before the heat of day.

Bad news.

I left two gallons of milk in the trunk overnight.  Hey, I had four kids and sundaes distracting me.

A Little Levity for Your Friday

First, go have a laugh at my expense.  Thanks Ian, thanks a lot.

This guy cracks me up and with one clip has added several quotes to my daily snark.  My favorite?  “You’re just like a little American, with your little American body.”


Working It Out

I wonder if all fitness instructors are immune to the passing hatred I feel for them during our fifty minute sessions.

“OK, now we’ll just hold the plank for one minute.”

“I. hate. you.”

It’s reflexive and temporary, but my inner monologue isn’t very genial at the moment.  I have been saving to join the new gym in town, as their childcare room isn’t relegated to a closet like the local Y.  Consequently I’m stiff, sore, and popping Motrin.

Under normal circumstances my slacker side reigns supreme.  However, place me in a classroom of any sort and my competitive nature comes out of hibernation whether or not it is in my best interest.  Tuesday night I changed into my workout clothes with a little trepidation. The limited schedule loosely described the class as cardio-dance.  While, at times, I have the coordination of  drunken adolescent giraffe, I used to be able to muddle my way through an intermediate/advanced step class without causing injury to others.

Slowly we filter into the studio, all true suburbanites, nine women of varying shapes and ages and one straight male.  The instructor arrives, gorgeous, petite, and comfortable in her graceful dancer’s body.   She turns the music on and announces that this week she will be introducing Afro-Caribbean dancing.  Is this a good place to note that the dances with which I’m familiar are generally named the two-step, the waltz, and East Coast swing?

I  believe at some point during the class we all melted into a puddle of self-mortified goo.  Perhaps it was as we followed her across the length of floor leaping, flinging our arms with stiff-jointed imitations of abandon and joy.  Perhaps it was the one-on-one help with the suggestive roll of the pelvis that is now causing me to creak like an old lady in need of a new hip.

Five years ago I may have walked away, but three children have robbed me of most of my dignity and I will be returning for next week’s class.