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Happy Birthday Aidan

Happy birthday to you, my son. You bring a lot of laughter into our lives.

I’m thankful to watch you grow.

You could slow down just a little, Mr. Six Years and Four Foot Two.

Transparency note, this is a picture from the party we had for both boys; I have still to upload the ones from Mark’s birthday because he’s the neglected middle child and par for the course. (Kidding people, I’m just seriously behind).

Birthday Boys

Slow Down, Mark, Slow Down

Share photos on twitter with TwitpicI’ve got better ones, but he’s not letting me stay inside long enough to link up.

He had an appointment with the allergist today and I think things are going to get a lot better now that he’s on appropriate allergy medication. Wish the little guy luck. he won’t slow down for anything right now.

Someone Is a Slacker

The poor, neglected middle child. . .

Happy birthday, little man. Just know that it was only here on the blog that I was late with a birthday wish.  Your daddy was on nights which made this already difficult week very hard.

The pictures will be posted soon.