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Thank Goodness I’m Not a Single Mom

I’d lose my mind. Really.

Tim has been in Minnesota the past few days, he’ll be home late tonight. He flew up as a surprise for his father’s retirement. The fact that I’d have liked to have gone is just a bitter sidenote. It’s rained the whole time he’s been there and the vindictive side of me shouts, “HA!”

Sir Thousand Hands shows he misses his dad by being more inventive in his ways to find “trouble.” He’s discovered where the dog treats are and how to climb on top of the washer to reach them. The dogs love this trick and goad him into it, hourly.

The baby wants to be a big boy and thinks he can let go of the furniture, only to plop onto his bottom with a wail of frustration. I tell him, “You aren’t even eight months old, give it time.” He doesn’t find any comfort in that.

My hat is off to the military wives and single moms.

Skip Unless You Like Scrapbooking

Well, I’m not great, I’m just starting to get a feel for it, but here are a few recent pages. I’m working on Sir Thousand Hand’s baby book. The pictures aren’t that grainy, I was just impatient and took pictures of the pages in full sunlight.

Check this blog out.

Ivy, you are going to be so “totally” jealous of this gal’s crocheting.

Vera’s Crafty Blog

See, you ladies are really messing up my idea of what knitting and crocheting are. All I remember are my grandmother’s scratchy-ass afghan’s, in black and primary. They weren’t soft and in my opinion weren’t pretty, either. They were just made from the same kind of yarn we used for arts and craft at school. See, I’m trying to wrap my head around the idea of knitted socks, but my experience is fighting the idea. It sees yarn and thinks, “sweaty and scratchy,” even when my eyes are saying, “but those are cute!”

Today’s Post is brought to you by "C"

Yep, “C”

BadBadIvy is up to it again. The way this works, leave a comment and I’ll give you a letter. In your own blog, you’ll use your letter and write ten significant, words that begin with that letter. Of course, include the reason for its significance.

Cantalyssa – This has been my screenname since the fall of 1995. Growing up, my best friend was also named Heather. We used to write stories, together and “Cantalyssa” was a character from those days.

Cold – My absolute least favorite feeling. I’d rather be naked as a jaybird and sweaty as a pig, than bundled up with my nose running and my joints aching.

Crisp – Just a nice food word. Crisp can be pickles or chips. It can also be a flavor rather than a texture.

Concupiscent – It’s from a poem I once wrote an essay on. The consonance of one line is something that has remained with me for ten years.

In kitchen cups concupiscent curds.

The word itself means Having sexual lust; libidinous; lustful; lecherous; salacious. I’ll give you a moment to savor that. The poem is Wallace Stevens’ The Emperor of Ice-Cream

Connotation – I love the deeper meanings of words and the feelings they bring with them.

Car – My first taste of freedom. Additionally it was an ’85 Cressida Wagon, this one may count as two.

Cockroaches – Of course, if you live in the Lowcountry they are NOT cockroaches and will be called Palmetto Bugs. That is, unless you are pointing one out to a host.

Cinnamon – One of my favorite spices, feel free to add some to my coffee or hot cider. Speaking of Cinnamon… I used to have a crush on Luke, the Cinnabon guy. If you frequented Northwoods Mall in the mid nineties, you know who I’m talking about. Total personality clash, though. I was a nerd… he knew he was cute.

Computer – It’s my link to sanity. (Hush, Ivy.)

Charleston – It’s a big word, that is a lot of things, to me. It was school field trips and high school dates. Later on, the city was where I worked and played. If I hear Springsteen’s “Glory Days,” it’s where my thoughts turn.

Retracing my steps

Unfortunately I was only able to get two of the shots I wanted.

1) Some jerk had decided to create his own road through someone’s property, in my neighborhood. Apparently the owner is less than thrilled.
2) Several times a year, a mountain of sweet potatoes magically appears at a nearby church. The “mountain” was much more impressive, yesterday. Oh, and that is neither my vehicle, nor my behind. I took a quick pic, as I didn’t want anyone to think I was too weird.

The two missed opportunities.

3)”Chester Floyd Sucks Thats My Opinion” was seen on a sign on 17-A. Now, Mr. Floyd is a casual acquaintance of mine and I wish I knew the reason for the sign. It was on a marquee and had been taken down, as of this morning.

The final one was out of my way, but I may add it, later.
4) “RESTRAUNT NOW OPEN” Handpainted sign at the revitalized gas station on the corner of Old and New Hwy 52 . It was accompanied by the ever appealing “We Have Live Bait!”

I was also lucky enough to catch this one, as the boys and I were headed into the Y.

For Shame

I love signs like this.

I absolutely must get back in the habit of toting my camera wherever I go. I missed no less than four opportunities, yesterday. Now, after the gym, I’m going to have to retrace my steps to find all of them.


“To sleep perchance to dream-“

The baby has been in a rough transition period, thus sleep has become a commodity more precious than gold or oil. I’ve stumbled through the last few weeks in the weird, wired, anxiousness of sleep deprivation. If I close my eyes for more than a moment, images flash before them. My brain is has been so desperate for sleep, that it begins to dream even before I’m fully asleep.

I’ve always been fascinated by my dreams. Sometimes I’ll look them up to see if there is any “meaning” to the symbols. Some are obvious, such as tidal waves or random lost children. Usually, the most vivid dreams occur when I’m in a state of high anxiety and then I’m always looking, searching, or running from something.

Once, when sleep wasn’t so precious, I discovered a technique for lucid dreaming. I never was able to control everything, as some books suggest, but I was able to have an awareness I had never experienced, before. I wish I could remember where I found this technique, so I could quote the author properly. The author suggested reading things such as signs and billboards twice, because in dreams, text may be present, but it isn’t consistent. For me, this is true. I haven’t practiced the technique in years, but even now, if I read something, it can trigger a short period of lucidity. Just being aware that I’m dreaming often reduces the anxiety I’m feeling at the time.

Last night, I was finally granted a reprieve and was able to get several consecutive hours of sleep. It is such a glorious feeling.


Main Entry: 1suc·cu·lent
Pronunciation: -l&nt
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin suculentus, from sucus juice, sap; perhaps akin to Latin sugere to suck — more at SUCK
1 a : full of juice : JUICY b : moist and tasty : TOOTHSOME c of a plant : having fleshy tissues that conserve moisture
2 : rich in interest
– suc·cu·lent·ly adverb

Spring melts into summer, when the juice from sun ripened strawberries dribbles down your chin and falls unheeded to the ground.

There is still time to pick your own; we visited Ambrose on Wadmalaw. I’ll be returning, as I feel the need to put up some preserves.

*** For extra indulgence pierce a ripe strawberry with a fork and allow to sit in a chocolate martini.

Target Tidbit

I happened to have an errand that took me to Target, today. I visited the one on Rivers. The Easter merchandise is now 75% off and as of today, there was a lot of candy left.

Pink M&Ms taste just as good with popcorn in July as they do in March or April. Also, I now have a stash of Dove dark chocolate. Well, unless I get the irrepressible urge to dip strawberries.

Wow, it’s kind of like. . .

So, I was looking at Sitemeter’s referral page, and I found this PostScripts.


However, it’s also like being in the middle of cleaning out the attic and hearing the doorbell.

Now, hopefully the boys will synchronize their naptimes, today. I want to fix my links and “stuff.”

Is my hair* OK?

*No really, I could start to care. Maybe. Not a word, Ivy.