Target Tidbit

I happened to have an errand that took me to Target, today. I visited the one on Rivers. The Easter merchandise is now 75% off and as of today, there was a lot of candy left.

Pink M&Ms taste just as good with popcorn in July as they do in March or April. Also, I now have a stash of Dove dark chocolate. Well, unless I get the irrepressible urge to dip strawberries.


#1 Joel Maners on 04.20.06 at 3:55 pm

Personally, I love red wine and chocholate. The strawberries are good too.

#2 Janet Edens on 04.21.06 at 12:57 pm

Mmm. Robin eggs. Spicy jelly beans. Oh, for the days when the price of post-holiday candy wasn’t a big butt!

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