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Rosie was Right!

Extremist Christians are just as dangerous.

I found this over at The Mothership.

I snickered.

Blognic ’06

Well, with a rough start and a few misses, I think the Blognic was overall a success. I had a great time seeing some of our local bloggers. I am so sorry about those plates. I pulled into the garage and there they were… mocking me. Anyone who did not sample Mike’s spread missed out. Also, Jason can I have your recipe for gazpacho, I liked the dill. I normally take more of a garlic/pepper approach and yours was a nice change. Thanks to Eugene for taking so much of the initiative in putting this together. Once everyone figured out (SORRY!) where we were supposed to be, I think things went smoothly.

Thank you to:
Dan & Janet
Vera & Patrick
April + husband & daughter
Jason (We missed you Janet)
Margo & boys
Sunnie & crew (the nametags were so helpful!)

Also from the P&C Lucia and a photographer whose name completely slipped my memory.

If I forgot anyone, can we blame the heat and my children? Finally, thanks to my husband, who I hope will one day learn that glowering at people does not invite conversation.

For those who were out of town, how about meeting for happy hour sometime?

In conclusion

Dear County of Charleston:
You need a sign for JICP as you are leaving the city. I did not enjoy my little tour over the connector.

My house

My house is a very clean house. So clean, the realtor could have shown it to clients and I wouldn’t be one bit nervous.

Oh yeah, the client called and changed his appointment to next week “sometime.”

I swear, deeper posting will happen soon. I have ideas, but no energy. Well that and I’ve taken my fingerprints off with cleaning products. Hmmm, if you don’t hear from me, shhh.

Picnic Plans!

12:00pm JICP

Families, spouses, and good friends forced along for moral support are all welcome. We aren’t a scary bunch, for the most part. I’m pretty sure Eugene is bringing his dogs to play at the dog park. My basset hounds are retarded and not allowed out in public. ever. again.

I’ll bring a cooler full of ice, napkins, and plates. Would someone mind getting some plasticware?

Sunnie e-mailed me as a “maybe.”


I’m being haunted by a memory or perhaps it was a dream. I don’t know any longer.

I do know when I drive narrow highways, twisting through the trees, I remember a house, maybe more of a cabin. It was brown and set back in the trees. I remember swimming on a hot, sunny day, much like today, too early to be Indian Summer, but too late to feel carefree. I remember kissing a boy in a swimming hole. I was happy there, in the warm, green water. I don’t think I was in love or trying to convince myself I was and I don’t remember who he was. I remember sinking to the bottom of the pond and looking up through the sun spangled surface, surrounded by people, yet immersed in silence.

It could have been Eutawville, Ridgeville, Bethera, or nowhere at all.

I drive on and hope one day to remember.

Stepping Out

Either I’m gaining confidence or losing my mind. Regardless, I’ve applied for not one, but two jobs. They are both paid blogging positions and I would be thrilled with either. However, I will be satisfied if I just learn that I at least made it to the “we seriously considered your application” round.

Time will tell.

Signs I need a break

It’s dinner time. The children and husband are gathered around the table. We bow our heads to pray.

Come Lord Jesus
Be our guest
Let these gifts
to us be quiet.

My husband asked if that was intentional.


What is a monkey cake, anyway?

For weeks Aidan was begging for a “monkey cake.” I was clueless. Two days ago he changed his order to a “square cake.”

While it won’t win awards, I am pretty proud of how it turned out. (I did it freehand.)

Another Birthday Post

During my late teens, I fell in love with The Tragically Hip. My favorite song was Fiddler’s Green.

A few months after I had Aidan, I was at the gym, minding my own business. Fiddler’s Green came on my MP3 player and all of a sudden I heard the first line in a new way. “September seventeen, for a girl I know it’s Mothers’ day.” It’s now Mother’s day for me, as well. It’s not been one bit like I expected, but is it ever?

Aidan, you bring amazement and laughter to our lives. Happy Birthday, little man.

Thankful Thursday

I’m unabashedly stealing this idea from Shauna; mostly because I’ve been a little whiney as of late, but also as an exercise to remind myself of the many things I have to be thankful for.

  • Friends. I am blessed with many. This week I am most thankful for Ivy who has pushed me to do something I would have chickened out of, on my own. Margo for hanging in there with me through this obnoxious summer. Finally for Lori, who doesn’t have a blog, but should. I used to be jealous of all the time Margo spent with her, but I’ve gotten over it.
  • Tim. I don’t know how I got so lucky. He may drive me out of my mind at times, but even at his most obnoxious, he’s still a man I’m proud to call my husband.
  • My boys. Aidan is working overtime to establish his independence, so these past weeks have been rough. A lady I know told me that if I get it right with him, peer pressure won’t really be on my list of things to worry about. He’s one headstrong little guy; I’ve just got to point him in the right direction. Mark, when he isn’t getting up three times a night, is a joy to be around. I’ll keep him anyway.
  • Time. I’m thankful that I have time to give to others. I might complain about nursery duty or complain about being busy, but the fact is I do have the time, most of the time.
  • Health. Overall, we are all healthy and that fact is priceless.
    • On a related note… soft TP. No, really, it’s the time of year when my allergies flare up. Thank goodness for soft TP. I’m easy to spot, I’m the redhead with the red nose and watery eyes, carrying a roll of TP.
  • My church. I’ve never belonged anywhere with such a strong sense of support and community; it’s an amazing feeling. I’ve never really experienced the safety net of family, so life always felt tenuous. Now, I know if something were to happen to Tim or I, sickness or accident, we wouldn’t face it alone.

There are many more things, but those boys of mine have not received their memo re: discontinuation of crack of dawn wake up calls.

What are you most thankful for, at this moment?