Today’s Post is brought to you by "C"

Yep, “C”

BadBadIvy is up to it again. The way this works, leave a comment and I’ll give you a letter. In your own blog, you’ll use your letter and write ten significant, words that begin with that letter. Of course, include the reason for its significance.

Cantalyssa – This has been my screenname since the fall of 1995. Growing up, my best friend was also named Heather. We used to write stories, together and “Cantalyssa” was a character from those days.

Cold – My absolute least favorite feeling. I’d rather be naked as a jaybird and sweaty as a pig, than bundled up with my nose running and my joints aching.

Crisp – Just a nice food word. Crisp can be pickles or chips. It can also be a flavor rather than a texture.

Concupiscent – It’s from a poem I once wrote an essay on. The consonance of one line is something that has remained with me for ten years.

In kitchen cups concupiscent curds.

The word itself means Having sexual lust; libidinous; lustful; lecherous; salacious. I’ll give you a moment to savor that. The poem is Wallace Stevens’ The Emperor of Ice-Cream

Connotation – I love the deeper meanings of words and the feelings they bring with them.

Car – My first taste of freedom. Additionally it was an ’85 Cressida Wagon, this one may count as two.

Cockroaches – Of course, if you live in the Lowcountry they are NOT cockroaches and will be called Palmetto Bugs. That is, unless you are pointing one out to a host.

Cinnamon – One of my favorite spices, feel free to add some to my coffee or hot cider. Speaking of Cinnamon… I used to have a crush on Luke, the Cinnabon guy. If you frequented Northwoods Mall in the mid nineties, you know who I’m talking about. Total personality clash, though. I was a nerd… he knew he was cute.

Computer – It’s my link to sanity. (Hush, Ivy.)

Charleston – It’s a big word, that is a lot of things, to me. It was school field trips and high school dates. Later on, the city was where I worked and played. If I hear Springsteen’s “Glory Days,” it’s where my thoughts turn.


#1 Ivy, the Great and Powerful on 04.27.06 at 7:31 pm

Heh, the computer is your link to INsanity if you’re talking to me. 😉

the word verification word is:


like, np EX LAX. love it.

#2 Joel Maners on 04.30.06 at 4:57 am

When I hear “Charleston” I think of “Heston.” Why? I also think of Moses and Monkeys.

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