25 weeks


If I stay true to my track record, we’ll be meeting this little one in about 13 weeks.
Oh yeah, Margo, is it OK if I post your picture?


#1 Angela on 05.09.07 at 9:06 pm

Very cute picture…you look so tiny although I am sure you do not feel that way:)

#2 Kristen on 05.10.07 at 2:13 am

Awwww….my 2 favorite gals from Moncks Corner! Ya’ll are too cute!

#3 Margo on 05.10.07 at 1:07 pm

Gee sure, if I didn’t need to drop 15 pounds! No really, it’s just fine.

#4 Holly on 05.10.07 at 3:18 pm

You look great Heather! Just a tad bit jealous, that is until my child throws himself on the floor for no reason at all.

#5 Kaytee on 05.11.07 at 3:44 am

You both look beautiful. And I’m with Holly, I’m a tad bit jealous! I want another baby! LOL This coming from the woman who gave birth to 6 and has a body that said, “Let it go, Lady. I’m done!” LOL

I can’t wait to meet her! (Your baby….cause I’m hoping for a girl.)

#6 Kaytee on 05.11.07 at 3:45 am

Ok my time stamp on my response is way ahead of the time. LOL It says 5/11 at 3:44am….it’s actually 11:44 pm on 5/10. If I’m still up at 3-ish am, I have major problems. LOL

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