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Is there anything more embarrassing than sitting while someone reads your bio out to an audience? Squirm, squirm, squirm. Half-hearted smile, small wave. Torture.

n29165477916_4191That said, I was very happy with the turnout for last night’s first breakout event. Social Media Club Charleston is very new and fairly informal. We have a goal of a speaker or panel once a quarter with social gatherings in between. In the near future I’ll create a calendar and blog at to share events and commentary from events. This will be in addition to the Facebook Group.

It was so nice to see new faces. Granted, I love all of the usual suspects, but I don’t want to have a clique. The point of this group is to be inclusive and I hope those who came out felt welcome.

Sometimes I wish more of my time could be spent immersed in geektalk and company.

GeektalkLast night’s four panelists: Dan Conover, Janet Edens, Andy Owens, and Ken Hawkins shared perspectives on the changing landscape of media. Each of the panelists had worked (or currently works) for the Post and Courier. Ken Hawkins left to create and launch The Digitel, which is doing well for the work of a naive dreamer [tic].  Andy Owens now works for the Charleston Regional Business Journal and covered his experience working for a smaller company with less overhead. Janet Edens still works for the P&C and has a unique perspective as the paper struggles to remain viable. Conover took a buyout last summer and covered a transition from traditional newspaper employee to a freelancer utilizing new media to secure income.

It’s exciting talk, as no one knows exactly where media will end up. While the outcome is still hazy, that doesn’t mean we can’t use current events like the Iran election to discern the course and discuss potential advantages and deficiencies. There’s an interesting mix of hope, trepidition, and enough big words to help me remember that my world isn’t only comprised of the kids.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting: Joey Benton, Christopher Donahue, Joel Green (and the two guys with Joel Green whose names have completely slipped my mind), Noah Everett, and of course Michael Carnell.

It was also nice to see people I haven’t seen in a while like Francis Shepherd and Simon Ashton.

Social Media CertificationHead over to Xark where you too can be a certified social media expert.

Many thanks to Jeff Webster, Nick Tompkins, Lynn Mettler, Chad Norman, and Jared Smith who helped pull this together.

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#1 Joan on 06.24.09 at 8:23 am

Sorry I missed :(. Sounds like you did good.

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