Car Nuts

Tim and I are admittedly odd.  Neither of will ever admit a lack of knowledge to the other, if there is any chance for it appear as a weakness. This means, I allow myself to ask about things in the steel industry and he feels free to ask questions concerning all things Internet.  He is a gamer and doesn’t spend much time on any site that isn’t focused on obliterating billions of ones and zeros over and over.

That said, neither of us know much about older cars.  Anything pre-1965 and we are admittedly clueless. The other day we together and we passed a lovingly restored car from the fifties.  I noted it and asked what kind it was.  He replied, “I honestly have no idea, you could call it a Packard Bell and I’d believe you.”

Now, for us, all old cars have been dubbed Packard Bells.


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