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Heather Has a Big Head

I’m not even referring to my new haircut.



Thank you Dan, Ivy and I really appreciate the piece.  You did a great job of making it look as though we know what we are talking about.

Hanahan babies

According to the story we are told, the babysitter flaked out and that is why the mom had to lock her children in her car on a sweltering July afternoon.

After lying to her neighbor about where she was taking them.  What, her pride was so great she couldn’t beg this person?

After dismissing or never even considering the idea of leaving them alone with a few snacks and the tv on?  Yes, that would make her a really crappy parent, but I’d believe the desperation story a little more easily.

Maybe I’m sitting a little high on my horse, but from up here, things look uglier than I can articulate, Susan Smith ugly.