Hanahan babies

According to the story we are told, the babysitter flaked out and that is why the mom had to lock her children in her car on a sweltering July afternoon.

After lying to her neighbor about where she was taking them.  What, her pride was so great she couldn’t beg this person?

After dismissing or never even considering the idea of leaving them alone with a few snacks and the tv on?  Yes, that would make her a really crappy parent, but I’d believe the desperation story a little more easily.

Maybe I’m sitting a little high on my horse, but from up here, things look uglier than I can articulate, Susan Smith ugly.


#1 Angela on 08.03.07 at 2:14 am

I would have to agree with you, I have had sitter fall outs and work that needed to be done and wow, I would never think of that as being ok. Our dog stays home on hot days because I feel bad leaving her in the car, I could never imagine my children…it truely make my stomach sick.

#2 Margo on 08.03.07 at 6:14 pm

I just think it was a very bad judgement call. I think the lady has more than a few screws loose. I don’t believe she intended on killing them, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

#3 Sunnie on 08.08.07 at 3:58 am

I think that one can never know the situation unless one has been in someone else’s shoes. I’m not defending this woman at all. She made a poor judgement call. But we don’t know how dire her situation is. Perhaps her neighbor wasn’t fit to watch her children…major drug addict, for example. Perhaps she felt she would lose her job and therefore her only chance of an income. Who knows?
I’m pretty sure that if it were me, I’d have called in and said I had no sitter and that if I were required to be there, my children would be too. Or I’d have been looking for another job. At least, I hope that’s what I’d do. I can say for 100% that I would never leave my kids in a hot car for hours on end.

#4 carolinadreamz on 08.13.07 at 2:53 am

I so hear you.. I spent a night in the hospital watching the wrong station and learned more than I wanted to about this whole situation..

But I must say, that I’ve had a lot of problems finding babies and children left in cars, with windows up, even at Blockbuster. It wasn’t summer so its not that hot?

I stood with another mom, and our children.. both of us without a cell phone. I had asked to use the phone in the Blockbuster but they were very negative to help us.. they didn’t even want to give me the address of the store so I could call the police!!!!!!!!! I was so disgusted.

WE made a big stink, while one of us kept occupying and talking to the children.. it really wasn’t that hot out but we were so mad.. two toddlers in the back and an infant probably under three months old in the front.

I finally got ugly in the store. The man was obviously the only damn person left inside and he treated me like I needed to be minding my own business.. I guess, to us, we are mom’s and we made it out business since he didn’t make it his?

I can’t believe he was so rude to us for caring about his “babies”.

I came right home and called the police to find out that unless a police officer sees the children unattended, its not illegal!!!!!! The police officer told me he agreed with me, and he said he would go to the address registered with the vehicle information that I gave him.. and that was it! Maybe if that wasn’t “it”, more people would reconsider??

BUT.. I had a serious issue with what the lady on that news program said.. she said “what job is worth that much?” Now, I must consider she meant leaving them alone in the car and not all that came after that.. and I was a little disgusted with the comment..

This mother lived in what looked like a studio efficiency from the outside looks of the building. She worked a double shift? They also said they could not get in touch with the father/s then.. so maybe desperation comes in having to have a roof over their heads and food in their bellies?? I am, in no way, excusing her behavior.. I just think there is another side to consider, rather than saying the job isn’t that important. To her, that day, it was.. and she will pay for it, for the rest of her life.

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