Open letter to the impending n00bie

Dear Baby,

You need to wait a day or two before making your appearance.  Give me time to get over this horrendous cold/stomach bug or your delivery may make headlines.

Mother’s Head Explodes Giving Birth

Clean up expected to take weeks

That’s not how I’d like to be remembered.




#1 imabug on 08.01.07 at 12:40 am

I’ll try to have one of these for the new arrival at the next blogger gathering you make it to


#2 Joan on 08.01.07 at 3:00 am

You poor thing. Nothing worse that a bad cold in the summer. I hope you feel better soon.

#3 Margo on 08.02.07 at 2:48 am

Yikes. I didn’t realize it was THAT bad!

#4 Heather on 08.02.07 at 10:29 am

Thanks, yesterday was much better and today I feel, dare I say it? Good?

Scary. Tomorrow marks the longest I’ve ever been pregnant.

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