Last hurrah

Tim and I were able to go on a date last night, thanks to some friends who generously offered to watch the boys.

I thought 1408 might be good when the ticket seller mentioned seeing it three times.  We missed the first few minutes due to the website incorrectly posting the showtime and I apologize to the four other viewers for coming in late.  We were fast and attempted to be quiet, but the seat I chose in the dark was broken and dumped me unceremoniously toward the floor.  It is hard enough to be graceful with limbs the length of mine.  Throw in being nine month pregnant and forget it.

Other than floundering around trying to stand up and not make a scene the movie was excellent.  I had heard that John Cusack had done a fantastic job and I was not disappointed.  The movie while not lifted word for word from the story was impressively adapted for the screen.   It has been a long while since I have seen a thriller that didn’t rely entirely on gore or “cat in the closet” scares.

We finished off the evening with sushi (hush, I don’t indulge often) and a ride home through last night’s impressive lightning show.

Thank you to our friends for allowing us this last escape before baby.

We’re ready now.


#1 Margo on 07.28.07 at 1:48 pm

I’m ready too!! Come on baby!

#2 Angela on 07.28.07 at 2:36 pm

If you wait three more days…you could have the little one on my birthday, the little one has already missed, your, Todds and Tims…might as well wait for mine:) I love the last days of pregnancy, the mixture of emotions and wonder.

#3 Heidi on 07.31.07 at 4:37 am

How wonderful that you were able to get away and enjoy time together!

Here baby baby!

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