Thank you, JAZ

JAZ from over at Choose Charleston pointed to my little blog when he wrote of Moncks Corner.  I love my not-as-little-as-it-was-town.  Growing up, we only ventured to the County Seat when we had to pay car taxes or -gasp- traffic tickets.

I never got to see a movie at the drive-in which was recently torn down to make way for the East Shore Athletic Club.  Frankly, I’m excited about a new gym.  I belong to the Y, but honestly it has been due to lack of alternatives rather than exciting enticements.

Back in highschool, we used to drive to the Strawberry Shortstop, a gas station on Old Hwy 52 that is long gone.  We had no reason to leave Goose Creek, it was just somewhere to go, back then when gas was $0.99 a gallon it was the drive, not the destination.  We played fox and hounds with CB radios and got lost in the Francis Marion forest.

We’d scare ourselves silly out at Strawberry Chapel looking for Little Mistress Chicken who had been tied to a tombstone as punishment for talking in class.

As a military brat, I spent hours upon hours in the lake at Short Stay, but I had never been to Lions Beach until this summer, where my youngest son is turning bronze and bleach blond.  The other only a slightly darker shade of ecru, he takes after me.

I enjoy how I always need to tack an extra five or ten minutes onto errands, because I am almost guaranteed to run into someone I know.

It’s bittersweet watching the new subdivisions grow.  I love this town and while I’m happy it’s not drying up and blowing away, part of me wants it to stay the same.


#1 Margo on 07.28.07 at 1:46 pm

My sentiments exactly.

#2 Cathy on 10.11.07 at 7:24 pm

I agree completely. It’s great to live in a small town that’s close enough to a city to get the best of both worlds. I love that every time I go anywhere I see someone from Soccer, or the Y or church, whatever, and get a chance to get a hug around the neck and some chit chat in the aisles while I shop. It helps us remember that we are part of something larger than just our family.

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