Vent: The new mom shower myth

I am so sick of the new moms “can’t get a shower” whining.

Take the baby in the shower with you, if you think the rugmonkey can’t survive a 3 minute bootcamp style shower.

I became a master at showering one handed with my colicky son.  My husband worked 12-14 hour days and you do what you need to.  I could shampoo and condition without getting it in his eyes.  Drying off was the tricky part, but sometimes a couple extra towels were used as a makeshift pallet so I could throw on something clean. No, it’s not the same as a good scrub down and shave, but at least I wasn’t scaring the neighbors.


#1 Tricia on 06.05.07 at 1:24 pm

That OR you can just put the baby in the bed for 5 to 8 minutes. Make sure the pack-n-play or crib is as far away from the shower as possible. If baby cries it’s good for Baby. Mom is getting a shower and feeling good about herself again. After a good clean and shaved Mom, you are ready to snuggle with baby again. 🙂

#2 Alison on 06.05.07 at 6:16 pm

Amen! I have 4 kids and I always manage to shower daily..even when they were 3,1 and a newborn!

#3 Margo on 06.06.07 at 2:52 am

most impressive. 😉

#4 queensonia2001 on 06.06.07 at 12:54 pm

Same here! My oldest cried constantly. Could only be held..very high needs. So I bought a clear shower curtain…sat her in the carseat in the bathroom…and she was fine. I had to talk to her constantly…and peek around the curtain…but it got done. You have to be imaginative when you’re a mom.

#5 Bramble on 06.09.07 at 6:20 pm

i have dirty toes on one foot because i’d keep the bouncy seat just outside the curtain and bob it wit my foot till shower was done. push comes to shove get a bath with the baby, there are floaty bath cushion things to help support baby with and turns out you can wash yourself (and even shave) in the tub just as well as a shower.

#6 April on 06.12.07 at 4:00 am

I just made sure all of the baby’s needs were taken care of: freshly fed, burped and changed. Then I’d put her in her crib and take my shower with a clean conscience. If she cried for a few minutes, meh… She wouldn’t spontaneously combust because of it.

#7 JET on 06.13.07 at 1:30 pm

“Boot-Camp Shower” how funny

#8 rubia on 07.10.07 at 10:12 am

Mommy & Me Showers all around in my house! My son watches Handy Manny while I plop the 1 year old in the shower with me or on the floor of the bathroom with some toys. I’ll admit… as a first time mom, I found it impossible to be showered before noon for the first three months. As a mom of two, I’ve learned how to cope. No one gives you a tiara for missing a shower. I took a Big Girl Pill and figured it out.

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