Train Wreck

I was attempting to hold a conversation yesterday, but at the next table a verbal train wreck occured. I really tried to hold up my end of the conversation, but it ground to a halt and we both gave up all pretenses and listened in unabashedly.

It almost felt dirty, but I think it will be available on podcast, so technically they intended to have an audience, right? I will share a link as soon as it is.


#1 Kathy T. on 05.21.06 at 4:43 pm

A train wreck conversation? I’m intrigued! It was so nice meeting you and the boys yesterday. They are so sweet! Glad the baby like my green beans.

#2 Kat Coble on 05.22.06 at 3:17 am

Why do I have the feeling that I was part of the verbal trainwreck?

I’m so sorry.

#3 Duke on 05.22.06 at 3:34 pm

Wow. I have tons of those stories.

#4 Malia on 05.22.06 at 9:05 pm

wow. That was a verbal train wreck wasn’t it?? Who knew gubernatorial candidates could be so…weird.

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