We finally rolled into Moncks Corner about five this evening. I am exhausted and I am ready for some time away from the kidlets. Aside from that, is there ever a better feeling than walking into your own home after being away for a few days? My friends cannot be beat for their hospitality, but there are some things that just can’t be provided. Apparently we are extremely spoiled by our good tasting tap water, funny how that matters so much.

Ivy, thanks for putting up with the boys and I. I am looking forward to your visit in July.

It was so nice to meet the Nashville Bloggers. Even though I had seen some pictures, it is always an experience meeting the whole person. I am still waiting for Big Orange Michael to post the podcast to This is Smyrna so I can really get snarky about the gubernatorial candidate. (ha, I got to use the word gubernatorial). I’d like to announce my son’s blogging debut. It seems he took full advantage of my being distracted to show off.

Finally, I’d like to apologize about the hotdogs. I warned you people. I was supposed to be manning minding the grill when the baby went bonkers. I fed him and forgot all about those hot dogs. I put them in a dish and set them aside so Ivy could save them for dog treats, they were not fit for human consumption. Yet, someone ate them anyhow.

Carye, thank you for opening up your home. It is always such a treat to visit you.

Tennessee and North Carolina areabsolutely gorgeous right now. With all the rain they’ve had all the little waterfalls along the I-40 and I-26 were flowing and the flowers were in full bloom. Oh and finally this is for the psuedo hippy riding my tail in the construction zone past Spartanburg, and enjoy the scenery, at least I was saving gas. The posted speed limit was 45 and apparently wasn’t fast enough for her bumperstickered Element, sorry lady, but your impatience isn’t worth my getting a ticket.

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#1 Carye on 05.31.06 at 4:35 pm

We loved having you. I think Liz was even more sad than I was at finding you gone. The boys were so good and such fun to watch. Nice taste of babydom..the kind you can hand back! Best kind. Sorry about the Tootsie Pop incident. Tell Aidan that Toots apologizes profusely, and will be better during next visit. We too will see you some time end of June or in July, but we will warn you first and give plenty of time between ourselves and Ivy so you have alone time in between. xoxo

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