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Parenting Aside

I’ve read a lot of advice to parents and most of it has been utter crap, with the boys.

With Ellie the little magic tricks all seem to work. Want her to lower her voice, I simply have to whisper. If I say she needs to be gentle because something hurts, she gets very concerned and wants to give me a kiss.

The boys? It’s always been a matter of enforcing boundaries to keep them from running pell mell over everything, destroying themselves, the house, and people’s opinions in the process.

I was recently recognized in the grocery store as the lady from church with three kids. She was very kind, but I had to wonder how hard she had to work to not say the crazy lady from church with three kids.

Yes, I am procrastinating.

It’s a sickness


Never in my life have I squealed over tiny pink things. Suddenly my house is overflowing with pink and I’m happy?


My aunt sent these and I can’t wait to put them on her.   I’m beginning to believe that the shot they gave me after delivering Ellie was not in fact pitocin but some curious infusion of girl germs.


Until I’m far enough along to actually feel flutters and kicks, I don’t think there is any sound so reassuring as the beating of the baby’s heart.

The heart rate was 140bpm.

Place your bets.

This Burns Me Up

I usually don’t know where I stand in the feminist debate. I believe in equality, yet I really don’t mind if doors are held open. So, I’m probably a fence sitter.

However, comments like this raise my ire.

I dont know about you but I was absolutely stunned to see the Cowboys play as pathetically as they did. I thought the GIRLS played (sorry girls) pretty badly during the NY Giants game and the only reason they won that battle is because the Giants sucked as bad as Dallas did but just a little bit worse.

Mr. Moffitt, I know you assumed the apology included in the insult would make everything OK. It doesn’t.

You have a daughter, how can you possibly think it’s OK to insult someone using her gender? Janet Edens said it well in her post on XARK! the other day. We are different, but “devaluing the characteristics of one [gender] is bad for both.”

In the past I’ve jumped my husband’s case for slipping up and saying things of this nature to our boys. I will do it again. How can men grow to respect women if they are taught that feminine characteristics are an insult?