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Lowcountry Blogging

Personally, I believe we need to understand what we expect from the the local blogosphere. I became excited about the prospect of a local roundup after I was introduced to www.Nashvilleistalking.com . I’m not expecting a “Charleston Is Talking” clone to appear. What I do think is there may be a lot to learn from their format. They have a growing blogging community, the political aspects are fascinating, and they haven’t lost touch with the personal blogs, either.

Jared commented that he believes the blogging community is forming the new media. (This is not an exact quote, I may have misheard him.) I don’t know that I am in complete agreement, but I think it will have some impact.

How much impact? That I’m not sure. Without losing the voices that make our blogs enjoyable, will we be able to bring attention to local issues? Is it possible that our community will grow and convince others that there is power in the written word? More so, by bringing attention to the topics that matter most to us, will we have any influence? I really don’t know.

I don’t know what the other active bloggers are envisioning. Please share your thoughts. Feel free to leave them here or at your own blog.

For the record, April and Jared both pretended not to know any webdevelopers.

Lowcountry Blogger Party II

I had a wonderful time. I’m very self-conscious and always spend the latter half of an evening inwardly kicking myself for saying something dumb. I love blogging because it gives me time to think about how I want to say something. In real conversation my mouth tends to get ahead of my brain and I have to reel it in and figure out what kind of damage was done. For that reason, I tend to mostly listen.

Last night was great fun. There were a lot of fascinating conversations and I had a hard time picking which to pay the most attention to.

Joan has some nice pics. Enjoy.


There is something hypnotic about cutting the grass. I think next week, I’ll do the sides and back first, so I can save the front for last. I love the way the wheels and blade leave tracks so all I have to do is follow the lines. Back and forth, up and down, look at the clouds building up. I hope it rains tonight. It’s solitary, I am free to tune everything out, to mull things over. Watch out for spiders near the shrubs.

Yesterday, I reflected on Jay Strecher, author of The Weekly Geekly in The Charleston City Paper. On one hand I was immensely flattered that he even reads my blog. I’m surprised anyone pays any attention. I have an amazing propensity for rambling and an absurd love affair with commas. I read his column several times and passed it on to a few friends; I mulled it over.

I think I know why men love power tools. They are satisfying. Just watch me edge the sidewalk. Once I use the blower it’ll look perfect. It is not like pulling weeds or sweeping a floor. There are immediate, definable results with a dash of danger. I’m quite sure it’s possible to lop off a toe with an edger. Still, I’m lost in my own head and that’s alright. No one is trying to talk to me, because I’m being productive.

No one begrudges my shower. It’s one of the few I can take without a little nose pressed up to the glass or hearing, “Mama! I need to pee.” I’m free to be impressed by the rivulets of mud sluicing down my body. I can enjoy a few moments of quiet; still I think about that column.

I guess I wasn’t as clear as I’d hoped to be in my post. I didn’t mean that pop culture is a bad thing and I certainly haven’t forgotten that pop stands for popular. I was venting about some of my acquaintances’ outright refusal to participate in anything. I was not solely referring to politics. I don’t care if they take up basket weaving, bird watching, or decide to chair the PTA. Just do something. Anything.

Oh and Jay, I’ll settle for just one letter, there’s no need to burn yourself out. Also, if you show up at the blogger meet up tonight, I’ll buy you a beer*.

*beer- a flavorful alcoholic beverage, not to be confused with the watered down nastiness distributed by Bud and Miller.


Folgers has come to realize the only reason I buy it is because it’s on sale. . . with a coupon.

Have you seen their new ad? I stumbled on it this morning through Slashfood, which may be my new favorite “boredom cure” blog.

Big change on the horizon

We may be putting our house on the market. Our long term goal is to be able to build on about five acres in the Cordesville or Huger area.

Dear Heather,
You can’t even manage a simple flowerbed.

I know this, but I’m getting very good at the lawn part. OK, maybe not very good, but it has seen massive improvement this year. The plan is to find a small house in Moncks Corner to improve over the next year or so, cash out, then build.

We are debating the merits of FSBO or dealing with a realtor. When we moved from MN to SC, two years ago, we FSBO’d on both ends and it worked out well. I think the market may have changed enough that a realtor may be useful, but I’m not sure.

Any thoughts?

Yes, Kathy, if we were in TN, we’d use you.


Dear Berkeley County Water and Sewer Authority,

It may be surprising, but some of your patrons do not watch television. We had company and did not hear about the “boil water advisory” until several hours after the notice. Thankfully no one became ill.

Your customer because there are no reasonable alternatives,

Let’s Welcome Ivy to Charleston

Oh Charleston, thanks for initiating my friend into the wonders of your summer deluges and flooded streets.

Also, I’d like to thank the very nice gentleman who offered our entire circus* a ride to our vehicles. Finally, I learned a very valuable lesson about wearing navy underwear and khaki capris. I’m sure the three or four carriages we passed on our mad dash to the car were impressed with my undergarment selection.

*circus – 3 adults, 1 twelve yo male, 1 eleven yo female, 2 two year olds, and an infant.

Worth a Snicker

A good friend of mine sent me this link. Please read the comments.

Taking a cue from Mike

Mike recently posted a review.

Last night Tim and I had “date night.” We were feeling cheap, so we hit Taco Bell and came home to finally watch a movie we had received for Christmas, The 40 Year Old Virgin.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I found it hysterical and was so relieved they didn’t cross over into “mean.” I am so tired of comedies that center on cruel jokes. Sure, there was a lot of foul language and they certainly went beyond innuendo, but it was a fun movie. Definetly not high art, but good for a laugh.


Thursday morning rolled around with everyone in a good mood, so I loaded up the troops and we headed to Meyer’s Farm, just outside of Summerville. Of course I forgot the camera. The kids and I picked 32 cups of blueberries. 24 of which we froze, 6 were made into cobbler and 2 became pancakes on Saturday. We’re heading back on Tuesday to finish stocking the freezer. If you’re feeling brave, feel free to join us.