There is something hypnotic about cutting the grass. I think next week, I’ll do the sides and back first, so I can save the front for last. I love the way the wheels and blade leave tracks so all I have to do is follow the lines. Back and forth, up and down, look at the clouds building up. I hope it rains tonight. It’s solitary, I am free to tune everything out, to mull things over. Watch out for spiders near the shrubs.

Yesterday, I reflected on Jay Strecher, author of The Weekly Geekly in The Charleston City Paper. On one hand I was immensely flattered that he even reads my blog. I’m surprised anyone pays any attention. I have an amazing propensity for rambling and an absurd love affair with commas. I read his column several times and passed it on to a few friends; I mulled it over.

I think I know why men love power tools. They are satisfying. Just watch me edge the sidewalk. Once I use the blower it’ll look perfect. It is not like pulling weeds or sweeping a floor. There are immediate, definable results with a dash of danger. I’m quite sure it’s possible to lop off a toe with an edger. Still, I’m lost in my own head and that’s alright. No one is trying to talk to me, because I’m being productive.

No one begrudges my shower. It’s one of the few I can take without a little nose pressed up to the glass or hearing, “Mama! I need to pee.” I’m free to be impressed by the rivulets of mud sluicing down my body. I can enjoy a few moments of quiet; still I think about that column.

I guess I wasn’t as clear as I’d hoped to be in my post. I didn’t mean that pop culture is a bad thing and I certainly haven’t forgotten that pop stands for popular. I was venting about some of my acquaintances’ outright refusal to participate in anything. I was not solely referring to politics. I don’t care if they take up basket weaving, bird watching, or decide to chair the PTA. Just do something. Anything.

Oh and Jay, I’ll settle for just one letter, there’s no need to burn yourself out. Also, if you show up at the blogger meet up tonight, I’ll buy you a beer*.

*beer- a flavorful alcoholic beverage, not to be confused with the watered down nastiness distributed by Bud and Miller.


#1 Vera on 07.13.06 at 11:50 am

Cool for you with the power tools. I never used a drill before.

See you tonight.

#2 imabug on 07.13.06 at 2:17 pm

The funny thing about power tools is it sets off a cascade of acquiring more. First you buy one because you need it to do a project. Then you think it would be wasteful to have bought this thing just for one project, so you come up with another project to work on, which naturally requires an additional tool to finish. It eventually cascades to the point where the garage is filled with tools and then your car is stuck outside.

Sometimes I think the acquiring is almost as fun as the using 🙂

#3 Margo on 07.13.06 at 9:50 pm

Way to make a point clear!

#4 Heather on 07.15.06 at 2:12 pm

Thanks. I was once dating a guy who hated the fact that I enjoy yardwork.

Obviously that didn’t work out.

The post-shower beer is the best there is… well, unless you count the pre-shower one. Now I’m torn.

#5 Joel Maners on 07.18.06 at 5:57 pm

Gotta agree with you on the post yard work shower. Nothing is more refreshing than having all that sweaty grass washed off your legs. Also, is there any better investment in yard equipment than an edger?

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