Sick, sore, stupid (part II)

I’m sorry this has taken me so long.  I’ve been more sick this past week than I have been in years.  I’ve had kidney infections less painful than this sinus infection.  As of today I’m down to regular motrin instead of prescription painkillers.  I’m sure this  continuation will shed some light on how I wound up in my condition. . .

I hung out with the group for a while, but I get a little self conscious when I have to hike up maternity pants constantly after crouching to get a shot. I meandered toward the boneyard which was somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.5 and two miles east of where we first reached the beach. I was happy as a clam, it was so nice to see an unspoiled beach with very few human remnants to ruin a shot.

I ran into Nature Bob again who suggested heading up to the northeast corner of the island to see some wildlife.  Jason planned on heading out that way as well, so when I finished taking pictures in the boneyard, I headed in that direction***.  I had plenty of time to kill before the noon ferry.

I walked. And I walked. And I walked some more.  My legs were beginning to hurt, after all I’m 4.5 months pregnant.  I saw one stinking alligator and he was too far away to get a decent picture.  Finally I consulted my map**** and my watch.  According to the map I had three miles to go before I’d make it back to the dock.  According to my watch, I had 1.5 hours to cover said three miles.  According to my legs, “NO.”

The thought of missing the ferry and having to face Tim four hours later (he was going to meet me with the spare key after all) was enough to propel me forward.  Thus began my own personal Tekken Death March. I don’t know what it means, it’s just something we say.  It seems to fit.  There were times I considered sitting down and crying.  There were others I debated just missing both ferries and taking a nap, right there on the trail.  Yes, I utilized the bushes primitive bathroom facilities  on one occasion.  Ahem, pregnant. I had dressed in layers and was carrying two of the shirts I had worn.  At some point I dropped one.  Maybe the eagle building her nest is now enjoying it.  I couldn’t make myself turn around and look for it, I had no idea how far back it was.

I felt blisters appearing, but I walked and jogged on.  I arrived at the dock at 11:55am.  Nature Bob came whistling up at 11:58am, “Did you have a nice walk?”

I didn’t beat him with my camera and for that I think someone should give me a cookie.

I bit the inside of my cheek and smiled and said I had a wonderful walk.

The captain arrived at 12:05pm, not that I was counting,  to take us back to the landing.  I tried not to limp as I waddled to the boat.  The ride back was uneventful and thankfully Tim was there with the key and the boys.  I asked him to drive the mustang home because I couldn’t face a standard in my pathetic condition.

Never in my life have I hurt the day of exertion.  It has always hit me the next morning, as I groan and hate myself for playing volleyball or starting a fitness regime, whatever the case may be.   Thankfully Saturday was the worst of the soreness and the full sickness didn’t hit me until Sunday evening.


Yes, I have pictures.   I’ll upload them tomorrow.  Promise.

***stupid move 3

****stupid move 4, I should have done that an hour ago


#1 Marti on 03.23.07 at 1:33 am

Was it a blue shirt you lost? Jason, Susan, Sarah and I saw a blue shirt on the side of the path….before we came upon it we were worried someone (you) were laying down or had fallen down…much to our relief it was *just* a shirt. No one could remember if you had had a blue shirt so we left it there. I am soooo sorry that you are feeling so poorly and ached so much afterwards. I hope you are feeling much better although it will probably take a while to fully recover. Take care and I hope to see you again on one of our less strenuous journeys.

#2 Lynn on 03.23.07 at 9:57 pm

and why are you both up at 1am posting these!!

#3 Heather on 03.23.07 at 11:59 pm

I wasn’t, that’s just the default time, I’ll fix it later. It’s registering as GMT.

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