Little Boy, Big Scare

While running a few errands this morning I noticed the baby was getting a little warm. Aidan had run a fever over the weekend, so it wasn’t really a surprise. I checked his temperature and he was feverish, but not alarmingly so. I decided to let his body fight the bug. I laid him in his crib, checking on him every so often and he slept peacefully for about an hour until he woke with an angry squawk.

I ran upstairs and while I was checking his temperature he jerked in my arms, a few full body spasms and then screamed in anger. He was running a pretty high fever and I was very concerned about febrile seizures, so I called my mom (I had them when I was young) and then the doctor. While I was on the phone Mark alternated between howling and lying limp. I gave him motrin and tried to keep my cool. He repeated the jerking and screaming several times, then began to perk up.

My mom and stepfather picked up Aidan, for which I’m grateful (thanks Mom!) and I headed for his appointment.* The little stinker ran around the waiting room, squealing with delight and flirting with the ladies. Hey look at me, aren’t I the cutest, healthiest toddler you’ve ever seen? He’d chortle and wave, then drum on the seats for good measure. He peek-a-booed, clapped, and danced; all to make a liar out of me.

My little actor didn’t know that strep is hard to hide. We’re home, the script has been filled, and he’s sleeping soundly. Aidan has an appointment in the morning, as he decided to develop a striking rash and the doctor wants to rule out a complication of strep.

Meanwhile, I have a few new gray hairs to hide.

Watch out Moncks Corner; we’re contagious.

*I highly recommend Berkeley Family Practice. We’ve been using them for almost two years and have no complaints.
**Edit** I found a better link for BFP


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