Detailing My Journey or Driven Insane

I am pretty sure my most recent decision is a sign I need to be comitted. Tim is getting ready to work some insanely long hours. In order to preserve our marriage, I usually pack up the boys and leave town. Trust me, it’s better for all involved. I plan on blogging my decent into madness. I’ll be firming up the itinery over the next week and our tentative starting date will be Wednesday the eighth.

The two boys and I are going to rent a car (with better gas mileage) and drive from Charleston, to Nashville, to Chicago, then to St. Paul, MN where we’ll spend around a week. From St. Paul, we’ll drive back to Chicago then to the outskirts of Detroit. From there, we’ll shoot south back to Nashville for an additional night and possibly stop in Asheville on our way home. We’ll be home just in time for our fifth anniversary and Thanksgiving.

Oh, did I mention it’s just the two little ones and I?

Hang on boys, it’s going to be a long ride.


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