Food and kids

I love to cook, not bake, cook. It’s a hobby that my friends and family get to reap the benefits of. A few enjoy it a little more than they should. However, there are times where I would appreciate a little “magically appearing food,” myself. Unfortunately, few of my friends feel as though their food is ‘up to par.’ This is patently false and I would absolutely love to have a meal over at their house. I’ll even do the dishes.

On a semi-related note, I have started a cooking group with a couple of other women. It’s turning into a lot of fun and their spouses are quite thrilled. They each bring their kids over and we let them run amok in the ajoining room. With a couple of extra hands huge batches of food are quite easy. So far, with great success, we’ve made: meatballs from 30lbs of sausage and ground beef, 25 lbs of stuffed chicken breasts, loaded potato soup, and potato skins (with the leftovers from the soup). Today we’ll be undertaking a smaller taking and just making enough chicken and dumplings for this evening’s meal. The kids pretty much entertain themselves and having company certainly helps make the work less tedious. The companionship is probably the biggest benefit.


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